Conscious vs Unconscious Sense-Making

By Leo Gura - September 25, 2020

The mind is always trying to make sense of the world. There are many different way of making sense of the world, some very low-quality, some very high-quality. You can take conscious control of the sense-making process or let it unfold unconsciously. Unconsciously is the default choice of most minds. In this case your mind will never develop a robust understanding of the world. But your mind won’t stop there, it will still seek understanding, and so it will fall prey to ideologies and other sense-making schemes designed by selfish, greedy, fearful, and power-hungry minds who seek to manipulate and exploit you. Since you did no take conscious control of the process, your mind will be brainwashed with a warped understanding of the world that serves the selfish interests of those in power.

As they say, nature abhors a vacuum. Your mind will not simply sit around happily without sense-making. If you are lazy and irresponsible about this — if you don’t pursue high-quality sense-making — your mind will absorb the toxic sense-making of others.

This is how evil happens. You have been warned.

The path of conscious sense-making is a life-long commitment that you practice every day. It will consume thousands of hours of your free time. But the benefit will be immunity from all forms of toxic and selfish belief systems.

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