Church & State

By Leo Gura - October 5, 2022

Here’s a textbook example of stage Blue:

Notice how the stage Blue mind simply parrots ideas. There is no original thinking. It almost sounds like a joke, yet most of the minds on this planet are at this stage of development. Sure does explain a lot, doesn’t it? If you got 4 billion people like this — or lower! — is it any surprise that half the world is trying to kill each other in the name of God? And is it any surprise that such folk are so readily puppeteered by demagogues and propagandists?

One of the best ways to gain and hold power on this planet is to cater to people like above, because they will blindly believe and defend to the death whatever mind-virus you program them with. Trump, being the power-hungry opportunist that he is, quickly figured that out through simple trial-and-error on the campaign trail. He fed them exactly the ideas they wanted to hear.

One of the easiest ways too manipulate a human is to tell her exactly what she wants to hear. And God save you if you tell her what she most doesn’t want to hear.

You have to comprehend the level of human ignorance that we’re mired in here.

So… how do we fix it?

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