Christian Nationalism

By Leo Gura - June 29, 2024

There’s been much hand-wringing of late about how Biden is too old and maybe Trump is better after all.

It’s easy to get distracted because the zone is flooded with shit. I just want to remind you of what MAGA actually wants for America. MAGA wants Christian Nationalism. That’s what Trump has aligned himself with. Christian Nationalists believe that America is a fundamentally Christian Nation and should be refashioned in that image, where Jesus is the #1 value. They don’t merely believe in God, they believe that Jesus is your one and only King. You bow to Jesus. These people do not believe in democracy, they believe in theocracy. These people believe that the Earth is 6,000 years old. That humans and dinosaurs lived side by side. That sex before marriage should be banned. That porn should be outlawed. That birth control should be illegal. That all abortion is murder. That homosexuality and trans are demonic sins. That fundamentalist Christianity supersedes the US Constitution. That all schools should teach Jesus. That the military should be run by Christians. That only Christians should hold public office. That each household should only have one vote, that of the head of household, who is obviously male. That Jesus wants you to conceal-carry a Glock. And that God will send you to Hell if you don’t follow their ways.

This isn’t a joke or a strawman of their positions. This is stuff they honestly believe. They even have a slogan for it:

“Jesus, and nothing else.”

These are not just some fringe powerless nutcases. These Christian Nationalists include powerful, rich, and politically-connected people already sitting in high places within the government, courts, media, think-tanks, law firms, lobbyist groups, etc. They are highly organized in networks amongst themselves. People like Speakers of the House Mike Johnson and Kevin McCarthy, backroom Supreme Court manipulator Leonard Leo, justices on the Supreme Court, the wives of Justice Alito and Thomas, judges across federal and state governments, and members of the House of Representatives and Senate such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Kari Lake, Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Charlie Kirk, etc. These people are ignorant corrupt ideologues to comical levels. Many of them are criminals, sexual abusers, scammers, thieves, propagandists, and corporate wolves. And as crazy as these people may seem to you, they take their mission of turning America into a Christian Nation dead serious — it is their sole purpose in life aside from making themselves and their friends rich. Because, after all, God wants you and your friends to be as rich as possible as you go about turning the world into a kingdom for Jesus.

So, when you vote for Trump, these are the people who you are voting for to populate the federal government. These people fundamentally believe that the separation of church and state is a sin unto Jesus. And of course, all of this Christian dogma is deeply intertwined with rampant unchecked capitalist manipulation on behalf of their rich and powerful business and corporate friends in the oil and gas industry, military industrial complex, big agriculture, big pharma, etc. They are not just going to create a Christian Nation, they will do it while making themselves, their families, and their friends filthy rich at the expense of everyone else. Oh, and sex. It’s also about them getting sex. Ideology, power, money, and sex. That’s the real game they are playing. That’s what the whole MAGA movement is about. Of course! What else would it be about? Truth? Goodness? Helping the weak and oppressed? LOL. Don’t be stupid. That would require hard inner work, consciousness, selflessness, and integrity — which none of these rats are interested in. These people are the bottom of the intellectual barrel. All they know or care about is survival.

Just last week the Louisiana government passed a law requiring the display of the Ten Commandments in all public classrooms across the state. Louisiana is the stomping ground for some of the most radical Christian Nationalists, like Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, who covertly spread their delusional ideology across the land, into every place of high office they can find.

Just last week the Supreme Court overturned the Chevron doctrine, breaking a 40 years precedent and crippling the government’s ability to regulate any corporation. This is all part of the Christian Nationalist plan. The doors are now wide open for their corporate wolf friends to pillage the commons and destroy any regulation that cuts into their profits. This is bald-faced corruption, bald-faced elitism, bald-faced oligarchy, bald-faced corporatism, bald-faced minority rule. A deluded, underdeveloped, radicalized Christian minority wants to rule the majority of Americans in the name of Jesus while extracting ungodly profits for themselves. That’s what MAGA really is.

This is what you’re really voting for:

If you think Trump is merely a narcissistic blowhard, that’s just the surface level. Trump has aligned himself with the most ignorant, corrupt, unconscious, delusional, criminal, and sexually dysfunctional segments of American society. America’s fundamentalist Christians have signed a pact with the Devil in their effort to turn America into a Christian Nation. Like amateur necromancers in a cliched video game plot, these Christians resurrected the demon of Trump in the hope he will deliver to them their fundamentalist dream. Of course the Devil is no one’s servant, he will just use these gullible and morally-bankrupt Christians for his own gain, but in the meantime he will allow them to do much damage to the country’s bedrock institutions because that suits the Devil’s own needs. For you see, healthy and robust institutions prevent the Devil from wielding his full power. The goal is to let these deluded Christian Nationalists hollow out America’s regulatory agencies so that the corporate wolves can rob the public blind. And while these cretins busy themselves with grabbing money and sex, and preaching Jesus, the Devil will assume his final form and throw them all under the bus, much to their surprise and horror.

It’s classic. It’s Biblical. It’s diabolical.

The level of depravity, corruption, and ignorance fueling this whole political movement is so shameless and audacious in its arrogance that it’s hard to believe that it’s afoot. And yet this is exactly what’s at stake in the 2024 election. Be under no illusions, a pact has been struck between the Christians, the Devil, and the corporate wolves to hollow out the America government for their personal gain at everyone else’s expense. The only question is, will you let them? Will you be their useful idiot?

NPR Article: Tracing The Rise Of Christian Nationalism

So, on the one hand you got Sleepy Joe, on the other hand you got the Devil and his minions.

The Devil never does his work alone, he recruits the gullible and the depraved to multiply his corrosive influence. And the Devil’s favorite way to accomplish his work is through religion and spirituality — because no other way could be as devious and ironic.


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