Child Conservation Experiments

By Leo Gura - August 9, 2018

Before you laugh at this child too much, just remember, you used to be this stupid too.

When a child like this is shown a video of himself doing these experiments once he’s a few years older, he will deny that this is a video of the real him because in his mind there is no way that he could have been that stupid.

That’s exactly how the ego-mind works. It always denies and disowns its own prior delusions and stupidities, because to admit them would introduce serious doubts about its present sense of reality.

To pull off a successful self-deception requires that you deny that self-deception is even a thing. Just to admit that self-deception is a serious possibility is already to half escape it.

Also, any deep insights the ego-mind has into the nature of reality are automatically backwards-rationalized as “obvious” and “self-evident” when in fact they weren’t — they were significant and non-trivial discoveries. Which is why people these days are so naive about how science works. They think that discoveries like the orbiting Earth, the moons of Jupiter, germ theory, set theory, xrays, or heavier than air flight were obvious, “rational”, and “scientific” when in fact they were considered pseudoscience.

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