ChatGPT Demo - Alien Poem

By Leo Gura - December 11, 2023

I started experimenting with ChatGPT to see what it’s capable of. I’ve just started using version 3.5 and it’s been very impressive so far. I tested it for truthfulness by asking it questions about God, infinity, mystical stuff, psychedelics, book suggestions, strange loops, Stalin, Hitler, politics, corruption, insanity, and video games. All the answers I got were factually accurate, nuanced, and high-quality — better than you would get from most educated humans.

I have been trying to see how I could leverage ChatGPT to improve my philosophical contemplations and my work. I’m still testing that out.

Here’s a little example of what I asked it to do for me:

(click image to enlarge)


The coolest thing about it is that you can ask it to generate totally unique, new content — not just scraped stuff of the web. Like the poem above. I was able to get it to generate totally original examples of strange loops for me, stuff that is not found anywhere on the internet. This is potentially extremely valuable. This is what makes it different than just Google search. Also, what I like about it is there is no commercial crap clogging it up, unlike modern-day Google results.

ChatGPT is quite impressive. And I haven’t even tried version 4.0 yet, which is supposed to be much better, with real-time access to the internet.

You can use ChatGPT for free for yourself at that link. It merely requires signing up with your email for free. You get unlimited access to ChatGPT 3.5. ChatGPT 4 costs $20/mo. Give it a try. This technology is truly revolutionary and it will soon become incorporated into all lines of work so you might as well get your feet wet.

As with life, the key to unlocking ChatGPT’s power is asking high quality questions. The better your questions the more value you’ll get out of it.

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