Build Your Skillz

By Leo Gura - February 25, 2020

If you want to break out of wage slavery and become successful what you need is to develop serious skill, like this example. Skillz are how you become a somebody in the world.

Would you hire this guy if you needed some drawing work done? You couldn’t say no! He’s too good to be ignored. Everyone wants to work with skilled people. It is like honey that attracts all the ants.

You are not going to make it far in life without building a unique and powerful skill set. Building a skill set takes time, patience, focus, vision, and passion.

See my Life Purpose Course for help finding your direction in life. It’s very practical and gives you the core principles you need to move forward with building your unique skill set. Building a skill set takes a lot of time, so there’s no time to waste. Get started now! The better your skill set the more money you will make, the more creative freedom you will command.

BTW, my skill set is articulating understanding. Not to brag, but I’m really, really good at it. Which is why you watch my videos. How did I get so good? I practiced it in my mind for 20+ years. Why did I do that? Because I love it.

So, Step #1: Find what you love and master the shit out of it.

Step #2: Profit!

If you live in a poor or underdeveloped country where life is difficult, your best way to rise out of that muck is to train up an incredible skill set. That is your passport to freedom. And yes, you can do it. But you need a clear vision and sense of direction.

The beauty of building a skill set is that it can be done virtually anywhere and it can be done virtually for free. You can build up an amazing skill set in a village in Iraq. Which allows you to bootstrap yourself from nothing to something.

So roll up your sleeves, lock yourself in a room, and build your skill set.

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