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By Leo Gura - March 5, 2018

Breaking Convention is the International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness held annually in the UK. It’s one of the top psychedelic conventions. They feature hundreds of world-class pioneers and serious researchers in the fields of consciousness, medicine, and psychedelics.

Check out some of their amazing presentations:

Breaking Convention Youtube Channel

Here’s just one mindblowing presentation from their collection:

By the way, the above kind of research is why I conjecture that enlightened masters have it easier than ordinary people. It is very likely that since everyone’s brain is slightly different in constitution (due to genetics), it makes sense that a small percentage of the population would have lower seritonin-2 activity than normal, thus effectively making them naturally high on 5-MeO-DMT, which produces pure ego-loss and sense of cosmic consciousness. It would also make sense that certain yogic techniques can train the brain to deactivate seritonin-2 activity, thus producing ego-loss and cosmic consciousness. And this would also explain why New Age people become very woo-woo and into aliens and deities and astral projection and all sorts of trippy things like that, because their brains have a higher activity of seritonin-7 and load more mental organs into consciousness. It would also make sense that certain yogic techniques could train the brain for this too, thus developing siddhis (paranormal abilities).

And yes, NEVERTHELESS, the brain still does not exist! This is all relative talk. The Absolute blows all this talk away.

If this is making your mind choke, that’s right! You’re grappling with an infinite strange loop. You are not going to get at the fundamental nature of reality without paradox. The paradox must be so deep that it leads to the creation of the entire universe!

And here is a second presentation which I really liked:

And another great one:

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