Bernie 2020!

By Leo Gura - February 19, 2019

Today Bernie Sanders announced his entry in the 2020 Presidential race and I am thrilled to endorse him. I don’t typically endorse politicians, but he is by far the best politician in the country today. He is a serious visionary leader and his policy platform is outstanding. If you want to live in a more conscious, less plutocratic America, please donate & support Bernie because the establishment ego backlash against him will be yuge!

Sanders’ 2020 policy platform:

  • Medicare 4 All
  • Green New Deal/climate
  • $15 min wage
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Free college
  • Break up biggest banks
  • Campaign finance reform
  • Gender pay equity
  • Paid leave
  • Lower drug prices
  • Expand Social Security
  • Save unions
  • DREAM Act
  • Background checks & assault weapons ban
  • Affordable housing
  • New infrastructure
  • Opposing military industrial complex
  • Legalization of weed
  • Abolish private prisons
  • End cash bail
  • Major police department reform

Now is the time to put your money where your mouth is. If you are short on cash, consider volunteering for his campaign, the Justice Democrats, or Wolf-PAC to get corporate money out of government.


And don’t forget to register to participate in your state’s Democratic primary. This is very important. Voting in the General Election is NOT good enough.

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