Are You A Light Worker?

By Leo Gura - January 29, 2020

I know, I know, it sounds so New Agey, but this term “light worker” is quite informative if you happen to be one but don’t realize it yet.

Here’s a list of 20 qualities of light workers:

20 Signs That You Are A Light Worker

If that’s you, it’s important to recognize it early and structure your life accordingly. As a light worker you cannot live the typical traditional life that everyone around you is living. You are different and you need to carve out a unique path in life which honors your unique values, strengths, and abilities.

If you’re a light worker but you’re trying to live a traditional life, you’re going to suffer a lot without knowing what exactly is wrong.

If you identify as a light worker, you should really take my Life Purpose Course, it was designed just for you. It’s not easy to live a life of purpose because society does not teach you how. I created the course after figuring out how to do it for myself.

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