Andrew Tate Teaches Sex Trafficking

By Leo Gura - June 22, 2023

I am sick and tired of Andrew Tate fans and their bullshit excuses and denials of Tate’s depravity.

In this video Andrew Tate fully explains how he teaches young men how to do sex trafficking:

Anyone who defends Andrew Tate is a degenerate. There is zero doubt about that. There does not need to be any trial. The man straight up tells the whole internet that he does sex trafficking, fraud, theft, and tax-evasion. Case closed! Stop with your cope and bullshit. This is utterly immature shit. Shame on you for even daring to defend it. No “Matrix” is out to “get him”. He’s just a criminal who tries to bullshit his way out of extremely serious crimes. Stop acting like he’s some sort of martyr. He’s just a shallow, narcissistic, sociopathic, man-child. And the only reason you find his immature leadership appealing is because you are as immature as him.

If you want to be a serious man, the first thing you must do is start to respect TRUTH. That is something Andrew Tate can never teach you, because he’s utterly full of shit and anyone who respects him is full of shit too. Like these idiots here:

And these people call themselves Christians?

How dare you!

What absolute bullshit! You are too stupid to have morality.

“But Leo, why are you so judgmental?” It’s not about judgment, it’s about seeing through bullshit. You seriously expect me to coddle your bullshit just because I am spiritual? NO MOTHERFUCKER! I will not put up with any of your shit precisely because I am spiritual! When I call out your shit, it’s not because I need to judge you, it’s because the only thing I care about is TRUTH. That’s all spirituality IS! TRUTH! STOP LYING!

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