Alexander Shulgin Documentary

By Leo Gura - February 26, 2017

Alexander Shulgin was a lone-wolf chemist who single-handedly advanced the field of psychedelics the most. He synthesized and personally tested over 200 new psychedelic substances, which he describes with clinical precision in his books, PiHKAL and TiHKAL.

Watch this illuminating documentary of him and his work:

Interestingly, of all the substances Shulgin self-tested, he describes 5-meo-dmt as one of the most powerful and spiritually significant, rating it a ++++ experience. The substance was so special to him that he and his colleagues agreed to hold back from popularizing 5-meo because they didn’t want the DEA to ban it. Their plan was successful until 2011, when it was finally banned in the USA.

Read about Shulgin’s 5-meo-dmt experiences.

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