Alex Jones On God

By Leo Gura - November 24, 2020

I would never promote Alex Jones or his ideas, but this clip is illuminating in showing how easy it is for the ego-mind to co-opt genuine insights about God and twist around for its own egoic purposes. It’s not just enough to understand some aspects of God, you must be very careful not to let God get co-opted by ego — which is of course the trap that Alex Jones falls into:

The problem with people like Alex Jones is not that everything they say is 100% false, but that they take kernels of truth and spin it into total bullshit that justifies all their paranoia and self-biases. When it comes to conspiracy theorists, the best phrase to keep in mind is that even a broken clock is right twice a day. That doesn’t make it a good clock. Sloppiness like this is precisely what leads to religious corruption and cults.

P.S. God knows precisely where it came from. God came from nowhere because it always is nowhere.

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