Advice For Visionaries

By Leo Gura - November 17, 2017

The curse of being a visionary is that your vision will forever exceed your ability to actualize. Because your time and energy is finite, but you as visionary are tapping into the infinite.

The solution: Learn to accept it. Learn to accept that 99% of all the greatest, most beautiful things you envision will go unactualized. It’s as though you were an ant who found a breadcrumb the size of an elephant and tried to drag it back to your hive, wondering “Come on! Why isn’t this working???” Haha! All this time you have been tearing your hair out trying to actualize the infinite via the finite without realizing you were attempting the impossible. The subtle will always outstrip the gross. Infinity it so infinite is eclipses you completely. You cannot even approximate an infinitesimal part of it.

Understand this: Your visions are the tip of an infinite iceberg. The majority of the beauty of reality must go unspoken. No one will know it unless they tap into it directly for themselves.

But this is only a problem if you look at it the wrong way. Teach yourself to see that this is the power of infinite intelligence inside you. In its formless state it is infinitely pregnant. The finite world will always only be a tiny sliver of that. But that is okay, because deep down you will cultivate such a deep connection with the formless that you will stop demanding it to all be actualized and made explicit via gross material forms.

Do not let yourself get overly concerned with the gross materialistic demands and expectations of the common herd. They are not visionaries. They look up they do not see. They know nothing of infinite potential.

Teach yourself to hold the formless as more fundamental, more primary, more true, and superior to the actualized finite. The source of your visions is nothing short of the invisible, intelligent engine responsible for the entire functioning of material reality. You have literally tapped into the mind of God. But good luck explaining this to a non-visionary. This must be a silent understanding between you and the universe (you). And that will be all that matters, since there exists nothing else outside that.

So ground yourself in yourself.

And then go out and work your ass off to actualize that 1% which is within your power. Compel us to see what you see. That is why you were born with eyes.

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