Absolute Love

By Leo Gura - September 22, 2021

If you slit the throats of every human on the planet with your own hand, God’s love for you would not diminish in the slightest. People are surprised by this. But can’t you see that this is the highest love? This is the real test of one’s love. If I can shake your love by slitting someone’s throat, then look how fragile your love is! Look how limited! If God’s love could be diminished in the slightest, that would mean that a higher love was possible, but if a higher love was possible then why would God not become that higher love until nothing higher was possible? Therefore God’s love is Absolute. It is unshakable. There is nothing you can do to shake God’s Love at all because the Absolute Truth is that there is no difference between anything, and God is perfectly conscious of this.

Total Consciousness = Truth = Love = God

So do not worry about sin, because sin does not exist. Sin is nothing more than bias within a finite mind. Become so unbiased that you realize that evil never existed. This is the highest Truth. Do not let egos or society gaslight you with their fragile, limited, and fear-based definitions of love. Do not settle for anything less than Absolute Love. No exceptions!

This is not a license to be an asshole or a criminal.

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