A Taste Of Infinity

By Leo Gura - July 21, 2019

Here’s a small look into the mind of God:

Contemplate: How is it possible to zoom into a thing forever? What does this mean about the nature of reality?

Just the fact that this fractal exists should already clue you in that consciousness must be infinite. Otherwise how could you be conscious of it? If an infinite object was loaded into a finite mind, the mind would crash. Hence the mind itself must be infinite.

Consider this: In a finite reality it would be impossible to count up from 1 to infinity. This is only possible because consciousness is actually infinite.

But how can the human mind be infinite? Because the human mind is a virtual machine running inside the infinite mind of God. God’s mind is running an infinite number of virtual machines, all which are themselves infinite. That’s what Georg Cantor called the Absolute Infinite set. It is the super-set of all possible sets. The mindblowing nature of infinity is that you can divide it into an infinite number of parts, and each of those parts will be its own infinity. Infinity within infinity within infinity — to infinity! In other words, infinity literally allows you to create something from nothing, because infinity is endless and bottomless.

Consider this: If you have an infinite number of apples in a basket, you can pull out one apple, eat it, and you will still have an infinite number of apples left. You just created an apple from nothing! Ta-da! This is how God creates the universe. Its mind is not bound by any physical limitation or lack. It cannot lack anything because it is an unlimited fount of creativity. All it has to do to create a thing is subdivide itself. But it can subdivide itself infinitely many times, so it never loses anything in the process of creation. Even after God subdivides itself an infinite number of times to create all human minds, it still remains an infinite Unity. The Absolute Unity of all possible divisions. Absolute Unity turns out to be identical to division. Going full-circle.

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