A Taste Of Absolute Infinity

By Leo Gura - July 16, 2017

If, one day, you’re lucky enough to cognize Absolute Infinity, it will feel a bit like this:

Its sheer magnitude will annihilate you.

Absolutely groundless…

A hint for self-inquirers:

Imagine for a moment that you are watching your sensory field just like the fractal in that video. And now try to shift your focus away from the “fractal” to its background, or the “space” in which its occurring. Try to gently shift your focus to the ground of your current sensory experience.

What is the ground of the “fractal”? In the video we might say it’s 2D space. But what is the analogue of that when you consider your sensory experience right now? Where is your entire sensory field occurring? Notice, it’s NOT in 3D space or in the brain! That’s circular! 3D space and the brain are NOT the ground, they are more content. When you self-inquire, it’s as though you’re trying to grasp “underneath” 3D space, “underneath” all content. You’re trying to grasp the groundless ground. What does it take to shift focus from the pretty fractal to its ground? Try doing that in your inquiry.

Watch the video again, focusing your mind on the fact that the fractal is groundless. Then look up from your screen, look around your room, and try to see that your visual field is equally groundless. Don’t think about it, but do it! That is enlightenment.

It’s really helpful to destroy your belief in an “external, objective, physical reality”, which supposedly sits behind your sensory experiences. Because as long as you believe in such a thing, how are you gonna grasp the obvious fact that everything is groundless?

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