What Is Intelligence?

By Leo Gura - June 11, 2018 | 9 Comments

Infinite intelligence explained

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Drake says:

From your perspective, what is the relation between intelligence and beauty?

Robert says:

Sound in general. Harmonics in particular.

The Universe is Sound. Nada Brahma.

What do you think Leo?

now says:

visuals, direction, colours, synesthesia? organically, symmetrc, asymmetric, branched, relational? all aspects of beauty all aspects of intelligence

now says:

forgot: circular, spirally, round etc. all relative to it’s system.

barbara says:

i liked the clean cut, clean line shirt. and less beard more (has something to do with beard paradigm, hehe) clean lines are a nice contrast to the mooving human body. they have the effect of making someone more androgyn but for example in woman, making them more masculine (don’t know if that’s understandable) if that’s the case they must have some masculine aspects maybe making someone just more clear lined. but if you like to represent what you see, or just don’t feel like shaving, it’s fine. attractive points i would say, where higher before.

Patrick says:

It has been interesting discovering this website back in 2014, catching up with the videos I missed, and watching them as they come out for the past 4 years. At some point, the personal development ultimately led to seeking enlightenment … I guess, if taken to the extreme, where else could you go.

It is very clear to see the vast improvement in understanding and in public speaking (namely, rushed and hurried vs. purposeful).

Looking forward to the next video / podcast.

– An aspiring manatee

barbara says:

you mean the sea mammal, don’t you? would be better for everyone.

saurabh jadhav says:

HI leo,
pleased to see you after a month with a different look.
till now i watched your many videoes and realised that i should stop watching them for sometime and start building a meditation habit.you provide lot of theories which are simple to understant but just theories alone are of no worth.i may start watching your content after i find that i have reached a certain platue to grasp the advanced content.thanks..

Cameron says:

Hey Leo. Being a student of increasing one’s intelligence I was wondering if you’d agree with the definition of intelligence as “The ability to differentiate.”? For example being able to identify a “coke can” vs. being able to differentiate the identity of the can from the infinite intelligence behind its existence. Holding both perspectives simultaneously as it were.

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