Understanding Meaning, Purpose, & Value

By Leo Gura - September 6, 2017 | 3 Comments

What is meaning and where does it come from?

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Mayur says:

I listened to an enlightened master, he spoke similar to your content, even the traditional self help advice was similar , he lived near by me , meeting him would have been a great aid.
Alas ! but he is no more.
He was known by the name Osho .

Sophie OShea says:

Leo, this is a life changing video!

I now have so many more questions from this.

I agree with you completely that progress only happens within ‘being’ itself.

However, don’t you agree that there is some kind of progress which seems to be woven or designed into reality, until perhaps it reaches a point where maybe it will start again or just end or continue to be absolute infinity in another form.

What I mean is that all the teachings invariably boil down to ‘we are here to learn’ some people are able to channel messages from higher frequency beings like guides, angels, aliens etc who give advice to individuals for their own higher purpose and for that of humanity itself e.g we need to do x,y,z if we are to succeed.

Do you understand what I’m asking, it is quite paradoxical, I understand that even if this is the truth (there is no meaning to any of it, which I agree with), I understand that it is meaningless, however, the ultimate ‘purpose’ which seems to be embedded into existence does seem to be learning/growth/progress. For example what is the purpose of consciousness itself? It definitely seems to be to know itself or to wake up to know itself.

I’ve heard Eckhart Tolle say before that although we can never know the ultimate purpose of source, in his experience it is something like consciousness started to dream and then started to experience nightmares and it is now beginning to wake up ‘something like that’ was his own words.


Yann says:

2 questions, Sir:

1) Values, as relative as they may be, are very much shared, put in common in the world. Can they still be called relative since they are put in commun ?

2) Even if still called relative, has a shared value no value ?

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