The Ten Ox-Herding Pictures

By Leo Gura - November 26, 2018 | 12 Comments

A detailed explanation of Zen’s 10 stages of enlightenment

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Mayur says:

This was really enjoyable and inspiring episode !

Patrick OConnell says:

The mind starts to realize whenever there is clarity at the bottom of the rabbit hole, that is delusion. The mind must go yet deeper. I think this is the point of this book, as well as the Zen Devil video. The mind can get an essence of God fleetingly and temporarily, but the ego gets in the way of catching the ox. Once the ego is truly surrendered and banished forever, the mind can presumably not only catch the ox, but truly understand it.

Tedens says:

Several thousand haours isn’t really much to atain Ox. “It’ is worth much more, so much that when You get a little lick of it, You’ll understand this assumption.

Katrin says:

As long as you think from a dual perspective, you will never catch the ox. Once you realize you are the ox, then you and the ox become one and then there is nothing.

Thank you Leo

Eugenia says:

Hi Leo,
I wonder why i stumbled on you.
Being 70 years old, practicing yoga and meditating for 20, all i can see is how far off i am. There will be not enough time for me. However, how lucky i feel that you and some, very few, like you exist!

Rebecca Sinclair says:

I am 64 Eugenia. There is all the time. How did I forget all this? Leo is a bullet train, no?

Rebecca Sinclair says:

Thank you for your work Leo. HERE COMES THE SUN.

Clare Radcox says:

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Clare says:

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Max Gron says:

Let me get this straight: it’s not the niceties of science therefore it’s not friendly to a science connoisseur, therefore you don’t know what you’re talking about. Wow, I thought you were pro-science, it’s all a faith, it’s not true. I’m not fooled by professor religion! It’s stupid! If I believe the truth I should have a science to my religion, even to Christianity, I shouldn’t even bother with cheap knowledge, do you see you’re driving me to nihilism? I only have a Leo Gura Hitler nihilism, not this anti-science juju! You’re kicked out of the science community, that’s why you couldn’t make it as a scientist, to be in the science community you have to believe what all the scientists believe. And furthermore religion’s not very nice, it insists on cheap stuff, cheap living. Well Mr Cheap, I think I should have a million dollars, then I’ll make it in this life. You make life so complicated, it’s simple: you live, you die and that’s it, simple!

Max Gron says:

I’ll give myself one more chance to study this video, before it disappears.

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