Should You Go To College?

By Leo Gura - November 16, 2020 | 5 Comments

The common traps and mistakes of going to college

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ini otoko says:

Chick magnet:He’s had 2 or more girlfriends before he became 16 years old and
even Rius who’s never had serious romantic feelings for any boys before being 18.
because she always personally found romance predictable,temporary & unhygienic
but she sincerely felt attracted to ini’s selflessness,open mindedness,faithfulnes
charisma,mystery,sense of humor,energy,life standards,gentlemanly standards
refusing to hit real girls even after she hits him.She stutters,blushes,stammers,
tries to stop talking,avoids eye contact even shouted WHAT AM I DOING outside
she even thinks about how handsome,cute,clean,neat,smart,tall mature and sexy
his natural appearance truly is the first time she met him after being forced to
stay away from school for 7 months

Gianna Primo says:

Just to let those considering college know, I studied Communication Studies at California State University, Long Beach after attending 2 years at Santa Barbara City College. Anyway, the skills and lessons I was taught in this major are ones I use every single day. It has taught me so much in interpersonal, intercultural, and conflict communication. It taught me negotiation practice that can be used in job interviews or business matters. Organizational communication, mindfulness, rhetorical theory which touched on epistemology, history, of course, sales, and marketing. It was the best degree I could have chosen; but, as Leo suggests, all of the concepts I learned could of course be self-taught with the right direction and discipline.

Just saying, if you want to go to college with the most practical assessment of reality, choose this major!! It changed my life.

Pio says:

Beware the nice ones io is usually sincerely respectful and patient with almost
everybody in that school but as soon as her privacy,life,health,body,resources and
anything else necessary for her own survival she shouts rude answers loses all of
her patience and even physically kicks the stomach of anyone she really hates

Pio says:

Brilliant but lazy becomes less lazy more brilliant as she grows older every year

Pio says:

Broken ace he naturally cute teenager fluent 2 languages respected by majority of the school she goes to.professional at mediating,immunity to cold weather,
yoga balance poses. pure healthy diet unlimited patience for all healthiest habits
but her problems she has low self esteem her natural appearance,memory skills
lifestyle home romantically unpopular with handsome precocious healthy teenage boys her lack of experience in moving from one country to another country which
husband she is sincerely both emotionally attracted to and logically wants forever
fear of rejection and betrayal from all her really close friends,family losing weight
sacrificing fruit for a purely savoury diet

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