Self-Deception - Part 3

By Leo Gura - January 29, 2018 | 8 Comments

A list of over 60 common self-deception mechanisms

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Joe says:

Jesus loves you

saurabh jadhav says:

you have became one of the integral part of my life

Andrew says:

I absolutely loved your three-part series, Leo! Your commentary on self-deceptions involving “hard-won truths” and “historical meta-narratives” resonated especially deeply with me. Studying the mythological and cosmological perspectives of societies in which non-Aristotelian epistemic models are the norm can reveal some of these mind-blowing truths. For example, the Ojibwe people of North America believe that all human knowledge and power originates from NON-human sources, in which humans must establish mutual, symbiotic relationships with other-than-human-beings to survive. My favorite illustration of this model tells the story of how humans learned the art of cooperative hunting FROM wolves. Now that’s a mind-fuck if I ever heard one!

Xain says:

He’s a loon who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, preaching on a platform that insulates him from criticism.

Those people can believe that but it does not make it so.

We didn’t learn hunting from wolves, and he’s not speaking “mind blowing truths”. I’m willing to bet that his ideas will get shredded if posted anywhere outside of his bubble, which they have been.

He’s just good at appearing to know what he is talking about, but it’s meandering sophistry in the end.

Jojo says:

Leo can you please do a video on how to stop thinking a lot ?

award winning,..soon you’ll be a house-hold name!..Plato would be proud..thanks

Aaron Morris says:

Watched the whole self deception and enlightenment experience videos while tripping on lsd. Certainly recommend doing this, I accomplished more during that 8 hours than in all the meditation I’ve ever done. Also check out the book called “the present” at

Shawna says:

Hmm… I get the sense you’ve read Ishmael…. I listened to the entire three parts today. I feel like I deserve a seminar badge! Really though, it was a great introduction. It was so challenging for me to not constantly compare “what I do, what I don’t”; but I think that always is. To grab the ideas with no bias and apply then as they emerge is beyond me for now.

Thank you, for taking the time to put together all the videos you do. They inspire me, and I find that even in my research over the years into personal development and psychology, I still love to come back and scour you page for tid bits of insight and wisdom.

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