Relative vs Absolute Truth

By Leo Gura - July 6, 2021 | 1 Comments

Helping you distinguish the domains of the relative and the absolute.

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Hi Leo,
Your videos show enormous range of depth and great didactical skills. But, the way you define “absolute” and “infinite” imposes a definite barrier to ever delve even deeper. Consciousness as-such (whether perceived as all, or as nothing) is not the end. There is a layer below. When the time is ripe, consciousness may reveal a wish to know what it is made of. (Not what it IS… since consciousness and is-ness form a pair, a tautology). In hundreds of ways, it can be seen that consciousness itself, is almost consistent, but not fully.

For instance, 1) what is “direction” made of: pointing, this-seeing-that, this-willing-that, this-later-than-that? 2) Subject-object, even when fused together, paused, no data flowing, is an experience, ever so slight knowing it exists, made from deeper “stuff”, a single principle. 3) Which must be unchanging, have no varying states. 4) If Insight is straight, and taken very far, it sees the back-of-iets-head, as a paraox. 5) There are way to create an illusion of infinity… e.g. a billion pixel movie. Or a 100 year life, which is finite. …)

The deepest layer cannot be experienced. You concluding “consciousness experiencing itself”, this loop, in its entirety… loops in WHAT?

What kind of timeless, absolutely unchanging hardware, could run a software program called “Infinite-playing-Finite”, producing all of your experiences so far?

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