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By Leo Gura - January 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

What personal power is, why it’s important, and how to start creating it.

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Hey, this is Leo, for and in this video we’re going to talk about personal power. Let’s talk about what personal power is, why it’s an important topic in the first place, and how you can develop it.

So first let’s talk about what is it and why it’s important. Personal power, I love this idea, because to me to go out there and to live an amazing kind of life, the charged life that I’m always talking about, to have the feelings in life that you want, both the external rewards and the internal emotions that you want to have in life, like happiness and love, I think it’s impossible to get those without personal power.

What A Lack Of Personal Power Looks Like

Personal power, what that means to me is, your ability to go out there and control your environment. But then also, of course, controlling yourself. So it’s the power that you have. It’s your will power. It’s what you can get accomplished. Because you might have noticed this, have you noticed, that there are different levels of personal power in different people that you know, that you run across in your life.

It’s very apparent once you make this connection, it’s very clear on certain people, that you can just point at one guy and say, “Wow, that guy has a lot of personal power.” Or point at this person and say, “No, this person doesn’t have any personal power.” What’s going to be the difference?

Well, let’s take a look at an example. A guy who has no personal power, what is his life going to be like? Well, I would say it’s going to look something more like this, and this is just going to be stereotyping but I’m just going to throw out some stereotypes.

He’s not going to have his financial situation in place. His bank account is going to be at zero, maybe even negative, maybe over drafted. He’s going to be using a lot of credit cards. He’s going to be struggling to pay the bills. He’s going to be always worried about money.

What else? Well, his health is probably going to be very bad. He’s going to be eating junk food. He’s going to be eating fast food. He’s not going to care about his health at all. He’s going to be at least twenty pounds overweight. He’s going to be unhealthy for his age.

He’s going to have wrinkles. He’s going to look bad. He’s probably going to engage in unhealthy activities like smoking, excessive drinking, and maybe drugs to various degrees. So he’s going to have that.

He’s going to have a lot of trouble with himself. He’s going to have trouble with relationships because he doesn’t have much self-awareness or much personal control. So he’s going to have very fragmented relationships, a lot of tension in relationships. They’ll tend to be like roller-coasters, big ups and, of course, big downs. A deep history of broken relationships in the past, maybe even trauma and abuse there, both either taking it or receiving it. So that will be a problem.

He’s not going to have any direction in life. He’s not very self-aware. He’s not going to have a lot of goals. He’s not going to be out there, going out and pushing himself.

He’s not going to be doing very well in his career. He’s not going to be accomplishing much in his career, because it’s not easy to accomplish anything without having personal power. So that’s why we’re working to develop it.

He’s not going to have that area of his life handled, and of course that’s not going to help him with his finances. This person is going to be stuck in a very low paying, boring, nine to five job, that has no prospects for improvement or advancement. He’s certainly going to be disgruntled. He’s going to hate the world. He’s not really going to enjoy that job. Or he’s just going to go through it just humming along and not really having a sense of contribution to the world.

In fact, this notion of impact or contribution to the world is going to be totally foreign to him. Because he can’t even fathom it. He’s so overwhelmed with all the problems in his life. This person is also going to have a horrible internal mental state. He’s going to be worrying all the time. He’s going to be anxious.

He’s always going to be reactive to everything in his life. This will be further deteriorate his health and further deteriorate his relationships. And further deteriorate his situation at work. For example, he may have so many problems in his life that he’s always late for work. Or he’s always angry and abrupt in relationships. Or he’s totally unconcerned about his health and so he’s extremely unhealthy.

So that is the person with no personal power. A grim picture, right? You’re probably not quite in that shape. I hope you’re not. If you are, then more power to you, you’ve found the right videos and this is a good place to start. Then you need a lot more of my help than I thought you did.

What Personal Power Looks Like

Let’s take a look at the person who does have personal power. This is the person who is basically the opposite of the other person. This person has excellent finances. He’s not worried about his finances because he’s making more than he can spend. He’s not spending it that lavishly but at the same time he’s got everything he needs and he’s fulfilled by the things that he is getting.

This person has amazing relationships because he’s worked on himself. He’s always developing himself. He’s empathetic, he’s understanding of other people. He’s always trying to help people. And over time his relationships improve because he’s always trying to understand better and better. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t have problems. But it means that he’s much more masterful there.

He’s able to control himself. He’s also much better with his career. He’s probably on track with a great career. His career probably has great prospects. He enjoys what he’s doing. And if he really did it right, and he has lots of personal power, than he loves what he’s doing. He’s totally committed to it and it’s his life calling.

He’s also probably concerned about his health, he’s looking out for his health. Maybe he’s a little bit overweight but he knows that it’s an issue and he’s trying to resolve it. Or, he’s extremely fit because he’s actually gone through the process of optimizing his health because he knows that it’s important to do that.

He knows that the effects of your health spill over into the rest of your life. He cares about the quality of his life. He’s also very grounded internally. He has will power. He doesn’t procrastinate. He’s not always worrying and over thinking.

He’s calm. He’s not anxious. He’s comfortable with himself. He’s got a pretty good level of confidence and self-esteem. He’s able to go out there and set goals for himself and accomplish pretty challenging things once in a while.

He’s able to go out there and do it. Sometimes able to make really amazing things happen. He’s able to set really ambitious goals and do it, make it happen, spend the time that needs to be spent. He’s able to overcome the emotional challenges that are involved with pushing something big through like that.

He’s able to improve his life steadily, day after day, month after month, year after year. He’s got a lot of friends because people like that kind of person. They’re attracted to him. They see something in him that they want for themselves, which is the personal power.

Usually that personal power is not directly envied like the external rewards of personal power are envied. Most people don’t see through where the external rewards are coming from: the personal power.

Personal Power Is Mastery

Personal power is a matter of mastering yourself. It’s self-mastery. It’s mastering your thoughts and emotions and that spills out into the many different domains of your life: health, business, money, relationships, career, anything else. Now, the question is, how do you develop it?

You develop it through a process. It’s not something you can do in one day. There’s no one single technique. But you develop it by undertaking this process.

First you start by asking yourself, “Do I want to have personal power? Is personal power something that I value?”

Do you have a vision of how much personal power you’re going to have in five, 10, 15 or 20 years from now? I do. I know I want as much personal power as I can get because I have big goals for myself. I’m ambitious. I want to change the world. I want to rock it. I want to live in amazing life. I want to die with no regrets.

To do that I know I want to be like this guy, I want the power. I want the willpower. I want control over myself, in order to create the control over my life that I want. Some of those things I don’t have right now.

When I started I didn’t have good health. I had horrible health. I didn’t have good relationships. I had horrible relationships. I didn’t have any money or a business. So I had to work on that. I had to work on these things, had to battle internal mindsets. I had pessimistic thinking, negative thinking. I was very skeptical and critical. That’s where I was.

Now I am at a totally different, evolved level. That’s because I’ve been doing a lot of personal development over the last five years. And I anticipate continuing going down this road with really amazing results.

In fact I think I just tapped into this process even though I’ve been doing it for five years. I just tapped into it now. I’m just getting a taste of how awesome it is. I feel like my results are now just accelerating faster. I’m not getting diminishing returns, I’m getting accelerating returns.

So this is a process. It’s a process of self-mastery, of self actualization. This is why I created is to help people understand that this is out there for them. Then to give them the tools to go out there and do it. That’s why I publish these videos.

Wrap Up

With that I’m going to wrap it up here and sign off.

This is an intro to personal power. If you’re really interested in personal power and you want more of it, check out the stuff that I’ve got at Go ahead, comment on this video, tell me what you think. Please share and like this. That’s why we released this content for free.

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