Meditation On Steroids

By Leo Gura - August 24, 2015 | 101 Comments

How to get the FASTEST meditation gains.

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Mary says:

Day 1
40 minutes and I jumped out of my sit!
Day 2
15 minutes!

Leo, during this meditation, I tried to avoid the pain, let go of those thoughts and instead got lost in pleasurable thoughts. I basically was thinking and daydreaming the whole time. I was all monkey chattering. So how is it even going to help at all? It just made me more lost.

Isn’t it also the problem with the Do nothing technique? You get more lost in thoughts. Aren’t the other techniques in which you try to release thoughts better?

Leo Gura says:

Why did you not listen when I said repeatedly: monkey mind IS perfect meditation!?

Mary says:

lol, yeah you said it will purge your mind. But it’s kind of frustrating. And I did carry that monkey mind into the rest of my day. And I was kinda thinking more throughout the day. So, it didn’t make me feel good, it made feel worse.

Btw, is moving the eyes considered movement? What about opening and closing them?

And can I have the clock in front of myself? Cause all I was thinking was how much time is left?

Leo Gura says:

Yes! You will feel terrible sometimes for weeks. That is the cost you pay for purifying your mind with micro-therapy (which is what meditation is).

Mary says:

I ask because I usually think and daydream a lot during the day. Which makes me lose a lot of my times. And I’m determined to get rid of it once and for all.

Mary says:

And I wanted to see if this technique is the best one that I can approach. Or are there any better methods to help my problem?

Leo Gura says:

You’re not going to get rid of thinking. Thinking should not be treated like the enemy. What you can do is gain awareness of what thinking actually is. You cannot control thinking, so stop trying.

The Do Nothing technique + Strong Determination Sitting would be perfect for you.

Mary says:

Thanks man. I wanna do it. In fact, I just did the strong determination sitting combined with the Do nothing technique for 30 minutes.

So what does it mean to become aware of thoughts? Is it anything explainable?

Leo Gura says:

Yes, it’s explainable. A thought is exactly what it is in the present moment! Now you need to become conscious of this. Ask yourself as you meditate: “What is a thought, literally?”

Kaz says:

I still don’t get the distinction between the Do Nothing technique and the Determined Sitting technique. Can someone please shed some light on this for me?

Kaz says:

Ahhh….I get it now

truebisha says:

Yea, I have the same problem too. This technique will work for people with more consciousness generally. It’s not for beginners for sure. It has to take some time for results to happen, so try it when you have some stress free days. Until then, meditate like you did before. Don’t stop!

Uldis says:

IMO you shouldn’t avoid the pain, but accept it.

Frequently, when I concentrate on painful areas, immerse into them, pain disappears. Of course, it depends on the intensity of pain, but sitting you can’t experience terrible pain

Ana says:

Hey Mary, the monkey mind phenomenon is totally normal. Everyone’s mind is like that when they start out in meditation. Doing an intensive retreat that helps you to concentrate your mind is extremely useful. I highly recommend Vipassana Meditation. You will also do determined sitting and mind purification in this retreat. There are centres all around the world so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one near you.

muggzy says:

I don’t know how old you are, but I have no problem sitting still. I was born in the early 60’s and it was my mother, not a monk who taught us all to sit still. If you didn’t sit still you would quickly find out about pain. Maybe that’s what’s missing with todays society. Maybe it’s cause we grew up in the east, in New Jersey.

Leo Gura says:

Smells like bullshit to me.

Jack says:

And the Bullshit Award goes to you Sir!

Johnny says:

Screw this, I am dropping out of my college and become a goddamn monk having a smile on my face for the rest of my life..

Goodbye western world,

Awesome vid, by the way.

Johnny says:

Is it ok to use that technique of meditation in a distracted area where there are many people, e.g talking at the same time?

And also is there a similar video that could be explain how happiness affects productivity?

Leo Gura says:

Before you do something you might regret, try meditating for several hours per day for 1 year and see how you feel about meditation.

Yes, you can meditate anywhere. You can meditate while watching TV.


Berat Aktuna says:

Leo, that sounds very interesting! Can you please tell more about that?
I meditated on a party recently, loud music playing, that was fine after a while of practice. But how can meditation and watching TV be possible at the same time?
Is meditation not a focus inside and being aware, but watching TV more like a distraction of mind and the opposite of awareness?

Asaiah Powers says:

I remember one day i aimed at meditating six hours because i was pacing the time of the meditation 30 min to one hour to two hour ect.. That was the hardest meditation i ever did.I didint even do six hours i opened my eyes three hours went by.

Amanda Bastos says:

I tried it today, I got to stay in this meditation for 40 minutes until I got sleepy and my eyes started closing. I don’t know if I’m doing this right, but what I felt is I was more aware, even with thoughts, I could pay attention on the sounds and the rain making noise and falling on the window, the bug which was on the glass part of the window, my breath, and then I got sleepy and lost my attention, then I stopped it. With the regular meditation it’s hard to get aware this way.

Leo Gura says:

Yes, good. You’re doing it right. Sleepiness becomes a HUGE problem. It’s best to do this after a nap when you’re most awake.

Amanda Bastos says:

Second attempt. I tried it after waking up and drinking my coffee. Today I got to stay in this meditation for one hour. I noticed my thoughts were more active in the beginning, but I still could be aware of all the things around me. Today I had some itchiness, some tears were rolling on my face, someone was calling my name, but those didn’t affect the awareness, so far sleepy is the one hard to control. When I was in the end of this one hour I notice this awareness was much stronger than the beginning, when the alarm started ringing it was very weird moving my self, it was like a trance.

Kaz says:

Yes Amanda….I also find it weird moving myself afterwards…like a trance…it’s really cool…but not cool while we’re actually doing it

Jean says:

Thanks for all your videos, I’ve made significant behavior improvements recently by clearing my mind. But on the flip side the clearer my mind gets, the more solutions I develop for opportunities within my business. I used to oversleep because I was overwhelmed but now I have insomnia and I feel way better. It’s strange how resisting the pain of being sleep deprived while working towards my true goals makes me happy. I just hope that this is the harsh transition period of taming the crazy monkey and that it gets better through persistence.

Konstantinos says:

Hey Leo, thanks for another great video. I really think you are killing it, every video in the “meditation/illusion of self” series is awesome!
One question for this technique: how strict should we be in terms of “no movement”? For example, is blinking allowed, to keep our eyes from drying?

Leo Gura says:

Obviously you blink your eyes.

Laszlo says:

In the summer of 2012, I took part in a mediation retreat called Vipassana and strong sitting for an hour was something we were encouraged to attempt towards the end of the course, maybe around day 7 or 8, I can’t remember exactly.

Despite meditating intensely for 10-12 hours a day, sitting still for an hour motionless seemed almost impossible. It is mental! It felt like a floodgate, where pressure is building up though a myriad different sensations, like itched, disturbing thoughts, physical pain etc. The latter was the worst for me, my legs were aching so much that I just gave in to the pain around 40-45 minutes into the hour every time.

Then on day 9 something happened by chance that just cracked my up completely, as in I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. In that moment I thought to myself that that was exactly what had been missing throughout the whole retreat, ease, joy and laughter. Everybody was walking around with tensed up faces and scowls. So I just let go, didn’t want to achieve anything now, didn’t even care about the retreat either. I just sat down with no expectation at all and somehow the hour went and I entered into a state in which I just observed myself, the pain was there, as well as the itches and everything else, but it all looked so distant. Then suddenly I realised that the chanting had started and the hour must be over. I felt like I could sit there for longer. Then I went outside and experienced something very similar to what Leo shared in one of his earlier videos. I felt at complete peace with myself, just joyful and happy. My sense of smell has always been poor but then I was so overwhelmed by nature’s smells that it was incredible. The rain just stopped and I could never smell that ‘earthy’ smell so clearly.

I have been kind of sloppy with my meditation for the past 2 years or so. it takes real determination to do this 1-2 hours a day in the West, the way life is lived here in London is just so hectic and goes directly against this kind of approach to life.

Great video anyway, Leo! I am so glad I stumbled upon your webpage a while back. Cheers!

Max says:

Hey Leo
Thank you for another excellent video in your meditation series.
I really appreciate your help and advice.
May I highly recommend the return of the urban warrior by the barefoot doctor, as well as some of his other books.
He gives practical exercises in movement, breathing and meditation in the taoist tradition but explained in a very modern and user friendly way.
Some of it is similar to tai chi & qi gong, some elements of tantra, and zen.
A lot of very helpful advice on applying ancient philosophy and spirituality in the modern world.
I think you would really enjoy his practical, hands on, down to earth way of describing spiritual practice.
I am reading tis book currently and I have quickly discovered a greater awareness of the life force energy moving in my body, as well as more calmness and mindfulness in daily life.
It’s a good book and definitely worth a look.

Jason says:

I had hoped to get an answer the one previous time I asked you, but it didn’t really bite. I am gonna try again. I want to know why are experiences such as self-transcendence, subject-object dissolution and enlightenment important. Why is it important to know the selflessness of consciousness? What will all this do?

Leo Gura says:

You should watch the videos more closely if that hasn’t become apparent to you yet.

Lauren says:

I am able to do this well! I am in good shape.

I am finally in. This meditation thing! Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!!!!

My friend was able to deliver her 10-pound baby without med! She use prayer and prayers from her friends from church. I was so awed by this and I can’t imagine that!!!!

This all means it is possible to deliver baby without med. just like the root canal story in the video!

Leo Gura says:

Well if it wasn’t possible, the human race wouldn’t exist.

Beth says:

I agree that mystical experiences are indeed enlightening. Is that space, however, THE reality, or is it merely another plane of reality? Perhaps it is more helpful to think of using the medtative processes to expand one’s consciousness rather than find “true” reality.

If one feels the urge to scratch “in the moment” and does not follow through isn’t that resisting the moment? Perhaps a better way to explain it would be to say one is expanding possible responses by expanding ranges of awareness.

I applaud your videos because they spark a conversation that is interesting and I think you are a genuine seeker.

Leo Gura says:

There are two answers to your question about ultimate reality:

1) What you think of as external reality, anything beyond the present moment, is a just a conceptualize of which you aren’t sufficinetly conscious of yet. Anything you think of as outside the Now is only found inside the Now.

2) No one knows what may or may not be outside the Now because that is all you ever have access to. So experiencing Absolute Nothingness is the best we can do, at least as far as I know.

Kathy says:

I have to agree with you Leo, here in the West they/we have set the bar so low for our consciousness. It’s time to get aligned with our true nature and become the powerful beings that we are! And thus change our world for the better for all.

Kevin says:

As pertains to enlightenment, do you think there could be more than one nothingness?

Leo Gura says:

No, the Nothingness is infinite.

chris says:

HI.This method seems to,at least to an extent,resemble vippessana medition minus the focus on the breath

Tony says:

Hey Leo,

I hear a lot of sources comparing meditating to exercise for the mind. In physical exercise its usually smart to give a day or two of rest to let the muscles heal and grow. You seem to be an advocate for everyday meditation. Is this what every source says? Have you encountered anyone in this discipline that thinks there might be reason for giving your mind days off from meditating? Or is the best way to do it every single day for life lol?

Also you spoke of the levels of enlightenment. I’ve heard of this and also heard some say that it’s not a level kinda thing. The latter makes more sense to me. I would think that either you have a self you’re attached to or you’re completely aware of “no self”. I guess I could see levels as in not being attached to certain aspects of self, but still being attached to other aspects maybe. But I would think that total detachment from all self-aspects equals full enlightenment. And sure, from there on a person might have other things to attain in life maybe there’s some spiritual-mental thing beyond “no self”. Who knows. But I would think it’s either you have a self or you don’t lol. what leads you to think it’s more of a level thing?

Leo Gura says:

1) You can’t really over-train meditation. You can meditate for 12 hours per day every day and it still would be just a start.

2) There are clearly levels of enlightenment because the self is a very complex process that requires more and more mindfulness to fully appreciate. And mindfulness comes in degrees. Very enlightened people report having multiple enlightenments, each one going deeper and deeper into some aspect of the self or reality. Just because you realize no-self does not mean you realize other aspects of reality, like the ultimate source of reality. The truth is that spiritual work is very complex if you want to get to the ultimate depths. I find that even enlightened people often don’t appreciate how much more growth they can have. In fact, enlightenment can create a kind of arrogance, leading one to think that everything is known and done. But when you talk to a hardcore Zen master who’s been meditating for 60 years and is still gaining new insights, then you see that it’s a never-ending journey.

Eelco says:

Can an endurance sport have the same meditative effect? Like running a marathon or training a boot camp and resisting or accepting the pain and exhaustion? Resisting quitting. Resisting drinking? Etc

Nigia says:


You are the icepick I’ve needed. Thank you for your
guidance. I’m far more stable from meditation, self hypnosis and watching the work you and a few others do or, have done.
Zen teachers and a few others Monks are super badass. I feel it’s why many poor and unsettled people in the West, love Asian action films with Monks in them. They are what someone, anyone, can become. They are human but, on a range that is one step beyond.

Monks have set themselves on fire and do not move until they are ash and just collapse.
The Buddha sat under the Bodi tree and figured out how to stop suffering, I feel by using a type of meditation more like Zen. I love the statues of him that are super thin and near death.
He was on a mission.

Anyhow, thank you. Everything you impart, helps me.

I’ve not read the thread. Can you recommend more books that are about these ways to meditate?
Will you offer any meditation classes?

Thanks again.


Laurence says:

Hey Leo,

I am a soft lazy twat… which is why I was wondering what your opinion is on psychedelic drugs? I’ve noticed a lot of talk around the web on Ayahuasca and Salvia Divinorum about ego loss and enlightenment. Not as an answer but as an aid on the journey by giving new perspective and stuff.

Daniel says:

Hi Laurence,
I really liked your question. “I’m no Leo, but by starting your question with ” I’m a soft lazy twat” is already setting you up for failure. Negative self speech ya know? Anyway, there is no quick leap to miss a few steps towards enlightenment, so you should surrender that laziness thought and get meditating. Relentlessly. Start slow and enjoy. About the drugs. I have taken peyote and it was an experience I shall never forget. I had many thoughtful insights but nothing of real permanent value. I hope Leo answers your question

Rhett says:

I try this, but my eyes keep getting strained, nearly cross eyed. when I keep my eyes in one place.

Now as I understand it:

I’m trying to “fix” the external world and make myself more comfortable by moving my eyes, so on one hand I’m not necessarily having the discipline to practice the exercise 100%. I’m not accepting life for what it is in the moment.

But on the other, I don’t want to damage my eyesight either.

Is it ok to move your eyes to avoid strain if that’s the only thing bothering you?

Rhett says:

Also to state, I understand that worrying about the future possible outcomes necessarily isn’t living in the “now.” So it gets a little paradoxical, but I really don’t want to damage my vision either.

I’d also like to say thanks for your videos on enlightenment. It truly helped me crack some parts of the shell from the inside.

Uldis says:

I keep my eyes closed and forget about them

Thomas says:

Hey Leo,
Do you have any data about frequency vs volume when it comes to meditation? Or maybe from Your own experience, could You give me some perspective?

Here is what I mean: I personally find that meditating more frequently (2-3 times a day, shorter sessions) helps me being constantly aware and present while one long session has slightly different effect, deeper, but I feel like it has a short duration compared to the effects of higher frequency meditation.

Your POV?

Sandeep says:

Hi Leo,

Great video, so far out of all mediation video’s this one appeals to me the most (I love challenges).

Anyway I’m a bit confused, because in the ‘Do Nothing’ we’re saying release the mind, but still exercise control over the body e.g. sit straight, stay awake, there is also mention of an itch. So I understand that as let the mind do whatever (no control, just awareness) but control the body.

Strong determination sounds the same as ‘Do Nothing’, with just more emphasis put on the physical aspect of none movement.

Is it two sides of the same coin or could you help me understand the differences between the two… I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for the clarity,

Kaz says:

Sandeep…I queried this too and ended up watching them both again. You are correct in what you say. The first one focuses on letting go of control, accepting everything, not resisting feelings emotions etc whilst the second focuses on keeping absolutely still….both techniques are from Shin Zen Yung (forgive incorrect spelling).

justme says:

Is this effective for short periods time? say 15 min? I don’t have that much free time in a day, If I try to do this for an hour I start getting nervous about all the things I have to do

Alison says:

Had an interesting experience trying this-I only got to 45 minutes but it really was hard let go of resistance half way through. I also began to see my thoughts as passing through my mind like waves. After this session my awareness was so heightened and I had an incredible feeling of calm not to mention achievement.

I have been practising some form of meditation on and off for several years now and this is what I’ve needed for some time- a way to ramp it up and really see the benefits. Thanks Leo for your insights.

Johnny says:

Hello Leo,

Every time I meditate for at least 0,5hr my legs go numb like crazy when I sit cross legged! Am I doing something wrong?

Leo Gura says:

You may not be doing anything wrong. The point is to be mindful through the numbness, not letting it unnerve you.

Tom I says:

What are your thoughts on meditation and mental illness like Schizophrenia? Is it wise for people who have experienced/are experiencing psychosis to try to meditate or should it be avoided? I have tried to research this but there is little info, and it’s conflicting, some sz people say meditation really helps them and then there are anecdotal stories of even non-Schizophrenics experiencing psychosis during retreats. I have Schizophrenia and did try the latest technique you suggested, the do nothing method and not moving. After 5 days I was already much more present(I did do an other technique sporadically before that, I tried to “block” thoughts) and was able to sort of zone out. After yesterdays 20 minute meditation session I got a little paranoid but didn’t have hallucinations, just a little bit of distortion of auditory perception, I normally don’t have many hallucinations of any kind even when psychotic, some here and there, but I do get very delusional without meds. The disturbing part was that after the session I started to feel like there was less of a boundary between me and the world. This has happened to me only once before, 5 years ago when I was really psychotic for the first time, actually it happened as the medication was already kicking in and I was coming out of it. It felt like disintegrating and becoming one with the universe, back 5 years ago it was at least 10 times stronger, I tried to fight it as much as I could not knowing what it was which made it worse, it got suppressed with medication obviously, so I am probably much more prone to it happening again. I think it’s supposed to happen with meditation that you lose the sense of self, but I don’t know if it would cause psychosis in people vulnerable to it. Also, I had a nightmare yesterday night but not a very bad one, plus a bit of insomnia, both of which are supposed to be common with meditation I’ve read. In addition, can a Schizophrenic person become enlightened or would he go psychotic trying to achieve it?

Adam says:

Yes schizophrenics can become enlightened. I once read somewhere that psychosis is the result of complete destruction of the self whereas the enlightened individual still has the self to use as a tool for interacting with society in a way others can interpret as appropriate. So I’m not sure if completely eliminating the self is necessary.

Peter says:

I had a breakthrough through meditation , then i thought i became enlightened because i was being insanely mindful. I could speak without thinking what to say i would just say what i wanted to say with pure intent. No thinking was necessary and i would also remember what i was talking about even if someone distracted me from what i was previously saying for minutes.. I thought i had it , everything was so fucken clear and then boooom… Depression kicked in , i was wondering wtf… i thought this was over.. then i realized … my mindfulness / awareness … opens and closes…. like sometimes its super focused and sometimes my mindfulness seems fuzzzzzy as if it was drunk because of all the thoughts or emotions ….

everyone seems like they are literally fucken sutpid Leo… The religious people are dogmatic as hell and the scientist are also dogmatic and its hard to believe that they everyone i talk to BELIEVES everything they BELIEVE because they read it in a book or experienced it by hearing someone do a Motivational /spiritual preach.. or science and atoms and w/e INTELLIGENT language they use to understand CONCEPTS about Reality … and they cling to it like they really understand something because its SCIENCE…

Its weird how being so highly intelligent and knowing all these theories and complex scientific concepts means literally nothing because they all confuse the map for the territory and they are so blind to it.. i can’t believe that being “INTELLIGENT ” or SCIENTIFIC means literally nothing because everyone is stuck in thought stories…

Peter says:

Also I’ve been cutting out about 99% of my relationships because everyone is fucken stupid … they are on what i call “AUTOPILOT”… they all want to go to movies, go to concerts , go to bars, go clubbing, play videogames , go to kickbacks and parties and i really “DISLIKE IT” now.. I ask tell myself stop being anti social so i attend these distractions and then i feel like fuck everyone is retarded get me out of here…. They find all that shit really fun and i feel crazy because i rather opt out of all that bullshit…

Am i going crazy? because even my gf thinks im crazy because this ENLIGHTENMENT stuff sounds really fucken scary! it does i know it does but at least im not depressed anymore about having most of my beliefs shattered …

Everyone is on autopilot, behaving very fucken unconscious and that scares me …sometimes i think im exaggerating because of what people say or the way they behave …

anythoughts… or is this all just more Fucken Content! i ego needs to understand why things to correlate and why this truth of no self isn’t even LOOKED AT AS A SERIOUS CONCEPT…. IT is regarded as MYSTICAL by science and religion… am im going nuts?

Pascal says:

It’s really a nice technique. After about twenty minutes, i had to stop because my restless legs syndrome kicked in, which is caused by a problem in the regulation of dopamine in the brain. But it felt awesome!

Just a quick commentary though. It is not a competition or a challenge. You have to have compassion towards yourself and others, their limitations or their desires to engage fully in this sort of practice. I also believe that the language you are using is a little bit out of place… Insulting people or calling them weak does not seem appropriate to me.

I appreciate everything you are doing, and it really helps me a lot but sometimes i think your language should be more appropriate. I think compassion is as important as awakening. It is not a state that is acquired through struggles and difficulties, but through letting go.

Thanks again and do not take this as a critisism, but as a commentary from a dear friend !

P.S. : I am french, so I am sorry if my comment does not make any sense to you or if it sounds weird… lol


Dalexis says:

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Can’t help it! haha it’s great content

Shahar says:

hey Leo,

I tried this for the first time with a timer for one hour, and the rusults shocked me.

– after 15-20 minutus I stoped feeling my entire hands and legs, I freaket out a little bit so I moved my fingers a little bit just for a second in order to know I’m ok.
– I felt many itching and pain from time to time but I succeed not to move at all, the pain came and disapear, and than again and again. so it wasn’t that bad… I handled it very good.
– The timer rang after one hour but I felt it was less, I would give it 30-40 minutes, fucking wierd…

To sum up, I did not move for full a hour accept of: breating, swollow my spittle and a very little movment with my fingers for one second (twice during the entire meditation). And I had no problem to continue more…

Many people told me that Im spaciel, but surlly Im not enlighted yet… is it say anything about me?

danny says:

I also did an hour first time. My legs hurt in lotus position but pain went. Relatively easy but not that enjoyable. Since then, I love it. I think some people freak out to easily and give up. Great to see your comment. Well done. Whats your best time/experience now if you dont mind me asking?

Thomas J says:

great stuff Leo, just really awesome all this cool stuff you are sharing.
just awesome thanks again

Berat Aktuna says:

Leo this is one of the greatest Videos i have seen from you, I LOVE IT!
So wonderful direct, face punching and awake shaking, so funny because it is so true! Im looking forward to try it. Thank you for this video!

Danny says:

Hi Leo,

First off. Love what you do. Superb. Thank you.

I just want to know why your record at the time of this video was 90 mins? You have said you meditate an hour a day for last few years. So i was just wondering what it was that made you stop after 90 mins if you are so used to the lotus position (I say that, as that is whats so hard for me).
Please let me know what happened at 90 minutes? Also perhaps where you are at now?

Thank you so much. Really great website, and definitely going to be ordering your Ultimate Life Purpose.


danny says:


September 18, 2015 at 6:29 am

Hi Leo,

First off. Love what you do. Superb. Thank you.

I just want to know why your record at the time of this video was 90 mins? You have said you meditate an hour a day for last few years. So i was just wondering what it was that made you stop after 90 mins if you are so used to the lotus position (I say that, as that is whats so hard for me).
Please let me know what happened at 90 minutes? Also perhaps where you are at now?

Thank you so much. Really great website, and definitely going to be ordering your Ultimate Life Purpose.


Danny says:

Just wanted to resend so I could tick the notify me via email button if answered

Leo Gura says:

I just got tired of sitting still and had to go to sleep or do other stuff. I have lots of work to do all the time, so finding 90 mins to meditate isn’t easy for me.

Danny says:

I thought it would be something like that. You must be a very busy guy.
Thanks Leo.

Leo Gura says:

Don’t get me wrong, the biggest reason is because sitting still for 90 minutes is miserable as fuck.

Danny says:

Haha. Classic. It is brutal. But I love it sometimes. I have lots of time at moment as in florida down from NYC moving to LA next week. So whats next for you Leo? Practice it until you conquer the misery? Does the method mean much to you? How often do you find time to do it now? Lots of questions I know, but I’m very curious about, this, you and everything and anything basically. Dont worry! Not in a Knife through shower curtain way!

Adam says:

Leo, Ive been listening to you for the past year. Your meditation guides are really helping me. Today I tried “Strong Determination Sitting” for the first time. I set my timer for 45 minutes. WOW! what an amazing experience… The one thing I did notice was my leg muscles would uncontrollably tense up and I would become mindful of this and relax them without moving. It happened 3-4 times during my sit. Other than that I was completely motionless other than breathing. The time actually passed rather quickly. During this meditation, I focused on time. Asking myself, “What is time?” and answering with the questions “is time not the past?, is it not the future?, is time not moving?, is it the moment right now? Almost like time was the energy that surrounded me at that moment. It was crazy. Time ‘as the clock tic-toc’ few by. I also felt a feeling of strange balance. What I mean is it felt like there was no up, there was no down, there was no side to side. There was just space around me. Have you ever felt this way before during meditation? Im so excited, I just want to finish work so I can come home and do a full hour tonight before I go to the gym. Im excited to hear your reply and any words of encouragement! Thanks Leo… Adam

Mic Amable says:

Hi Leo,

I just tried this insane meditation technique, and let me just say it’s fucking hard man.
But, I’ve gotta admit, the feeling afterwards is just awesome. It’s like ecstasy– in a good way.

I’ve to ask though, what do I do if I give in to the urge to suddenly move or to open
my eyes just to look at the timer? Do I continue? Or is it already forfeit, and I have to
start the process again?

I really appreciate the time knowing that you are a very busy person. Keep Rocking.



Leo Gura says:

If you break form, just get back to it as soon as you can without beating yourself up for it.

Dan says:

Hey Mic,

I believe your eyes are supposed to stay pen the entire time of the meditation. That’s also what makes it even different and very hard as your eyes just want to close after a while. It’s a lot easier with eyes closed.

Dan says:

Hey Mic, I just wanted to make my point clearer. I understand that basically, during this type of meditation, you keep your eyes open. It’s supposed to be very hard, this way you get more out of it. I can meditate for hours easy with eyes closed, but eyes open is really hard. The benefits though. Amazing. Then when it gets easier/more enjoyable, the affects are incredible.
Just wanted to write a new post to you as felt other one was unclear.

Charlene Pogue says:

Leo, I find your advice about meditation alarming.

Leo Gura says:

Gooooood! Then it’s a wake-up call to your lazy self

Violeta says:

What is the difference between “strong determination” and “do nothing” technique?
I don’t know which of these two I’ve been doing for a month

Skiddles says:

First time doing some serious meditation. I got an hour. This was really agonizing, the whole time I just kept thinking about getting to the 1 hour mark. My mouth was full of saliva and my back hurt like hell. I don’t feel like I have any insight or change in perspective, but I do feel like I am mentally tougher now. Is this just lifting weights for the brain?

Mason says:

I tried meditating for one hour today, there was 12 minutes left when I just hurt so bad that I couldn’t go on. Then the strangest thing happened. When I got up, my legs hurt like there was no tomorrow so I limped up the stairs getting the blood flow back to them, but I was laughing. I don’t know why I was laughing, and I couldn’t stop laughing. What is wrong with me?

Ruosh says:

Leo, are there any health risks of meditation and enlightenment because I have read some articles that say meditation could lead to increased depression and anxiety, as well as a loss in personality.

Leo Gura says:

There is risk crossing a street.

The greater risk comes from NOT doing meditation.

Jan Odvarko says:

Very informative video full of profound thoughts, as usual! One thing came to my mind Leo when you were talking about purification being pain multiplied by mindfulness. Maybe emos harm themselves intuitively for this very reason – to purify their mind and get rid of their complexes by feeling and enduring an intense pain.
It might be a similar kind of intuitive behaviour as when a physically sick animal stops eating, because deep inside it knows that fasting will help the healing process.
Just a thought. Maybe it’s bullshit (-:

Leo Gura says:

Emos? Haha…

No, I wouldn’t call that purification. That is more like conformity + childish nihilism + neurosis.

George Lawson says:

Hey Leo,

I do 20 minutes mediation a day and the blood circulation in my leg starts cutting off after about 10 minutes. I’m quite tall also which probably doesn’t help.

So is there a proper way to do the lotus position I’m missing or do I just have to hardcore the dead leg and be as mindful of the pain as possible?

Leo Gura says:

Suffering is created by the mind, not the body. More specifically, it’s created by monkey-chatter thoughts.

This technique is purposefully designed to create uncomfortable sensations, so you get the wonderful opportunity to notice how you create your own suffering and perhaps stop it one day

Your legs will certainly fall asleep, yes.

Lefteris says:

Hey,i did my first determination sitting today and i lasted for 45m.i was forced to stop when a strong headache occured(right in the left hemisphere)it felt like more blood was starting to get there,and it only got worse,but it stopped when i got up.Is this a part o purificafion or should I stop when i feel it?

Igor says:

Can you explain to me what this person was thinking when he created this

Noel says:

I tried to meditate for an hour and I felt some strange kind of peace. It feels so pure and clean. Is this normal? Am I supposed to feel this? Am I doing something wrong?

Hanna says:

Just to say thank you one more time, Leo, great video!

PG says:

Hi Leo,
Great video. I’ve watched this one many times and love this technique. Is having pain/discomfort a key variable if this technique is to work? If I sit in a comfortable position for 90 minutes without moving, did I not get the most out of those 90 minutes since I was comfortable? Should I sit cross legged or in some position where I know I’ll be more uncomfortable to maximize the results I get from my meditation? Would appreciate your input. Thanks.

Yup says:

Hello, I have two questions:

I often find my muscles tensed up. Is it ok to consciously relax them or should I just let them remain tensed?

I have found that it’s really hard to look at the same spot for even one second. Should I just let them move around as they wish or is it important that they are still?


Adrian says:

First attempt: 1.5 hours

Used a timer but wan’t watching it. Was aiming for an hour, which it felt close to. Blew my mind that I went 50% longer than it felt.

Didn’t voluntarily move at all, except once to swallow. All other movements were involuntary: blinking, breathing, swallowing, twitches, muscles releasing etc.

I don’t meditate regularly, only for about a week now using “do nothing”.

You’re right Leo, boring as fuck. Makes life seem wonderful in contrast haha.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Edvard Skaug says:

Nice video, started doing this yesterday and today. Made it for 27 minutes both days. I don’t see 4 hours like going to the moon. The reason I quitted was not because of the pain itself, but because I don’t want to take any chances when it comes to cutting out circulation for a long time, or injuring some nerve or something. Would be a stupid way to make some permanent damage to the body. Should I be mindful of this, or is there no danger to my foot being white for 1-4-24 hours/some other damage?

Also, I wonder am I allowed to straight up my back after it has gradually lost the straight up “attitude”? Can this damage the back?

Leo Gura says:

Hehe… that’s what makes it hard! Your mind will come up with all sorts of fears.

“OMG!!!! My leg is gonna fall off!”

Shakeer says:

Good day Leo. I love your material, I started meditating recently, however I have a knee injury and sitting on the floor agitated the injury. The pain causes me to loose focus during the meditation, is it possible to meditate while sitting on a chair (without back support)?
Your advice will be much appreciated
Thanks in advance

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