Law Of Attraction

By Leo Gura - January 30, 2014 | 13 Comments

How the law of attraction really works and how you can use it to create amazing results in your life.

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Hey, this is Leo for We are going to talk in this video about the Law of Attraction. This will be a quick self-help segment on the law of attraction: how it works, how it can have a profound effect on your life, and common mistakes people use in applying it. Also, how you can use the law of attraction very practically to get some amazing results in your life and create the kind of success and fulfillment that you want in life.

Alright, so lets get into this. The law of attraction, this is a really deep topic. We’re just going to skim the surface but it’s still going to be very useful to you. In the next 15 minutes you’re going to get a lot.

So, law of attraction, what is it? Basically, it’s a fancy term for the following thing: law of attraction, the way I definite it very simply, is instead of focusing on the things that you do not want to happen in your life, you shift your focus and think about the things you do want to have happen in your life.

How We Think

What’s an example of this? Well, let’s say you’re starting a business. It’s the first time you’ve started a business. So, it’s something new that you’re going into. Now, when you’re starting it off you naturally have some fears. You naturally wonder if you will be able to launch this business. You naturally wonder if you’re going to be able to pay the bills. Maybe you wonder about whether you should hire some employees or not. You have some reservations that maybe you can’t pay them. You just wonder if the whole thing is even a good idea. Maybe you’re going to risk losing a lot and you’re going to lose some money.

You’ve got all these reservations. As you’re building this business, and you’re going about your day to day, implementing it, creating it, what’s going to happen is your mind is going to shift. It’s going to focus on all these problems. It’s going to focus on simply that this business could fail. You’re going to be thinking,

“How do I make this business not fail?”
“Why don’t I go and get another client? Maybe that will help me not fail.”
“Maybe I should go do this thing over here. That will help me not fail.”

You’re always thinking about how your business could potentially fail. You’re always trying to preempt or take some action against that. Basically, what you’re doing is planning against catastrophe in that situation. That is what 99% of us do in our lives. Maybe not in such a dramatic, clear cut way as starting a business. Not everyone starts a business and even the people that do don’t do it that often. So that’s a very pointed example.

Focusing On The Negative

In small ways, this is happening throughout your life. You’re focusing, for example, on things you don’t like your boyfriend or girlfriend doing in a relationship. Maybe you don’t like something very small. Maybe you don’t like that they pick their teeth at the dinner table. Or you don’t like the fact that they put their feet on the table. Or something very small like that. You keep focusing on that and saying,

“Why does he keep doing that?”
“Why does he keep picking his teeth at the dinner table?”
“Why does he keep putting his feet up?”

You’re focusing on that. Again, you’re focusing on the thing you don’t like in your life. This is happening everywhere in your life. Most people are going through life and they’re focusing on the things they don’t like.

I don’t like the traffic jams I’m going into when I’m driving to work.
I don’t like how much money I’m getting paid at work.
I don’t like the relationship I’m in or some aspect of it.
I don’t like some aspect of my health.
I don’t like the fact that I might have a bad hip.
I don’t like the fact that I have a toothache that’s bothering me.
I don’t like the fact that I’m overstressed with appointments, that I’ve got too much on my schedule right now.
I don’t like the fact that I can’t take a vacation for another seven months when I need one right now.

So all these issues, right? And more. You’ve got all this coming up. But the problem is, the law of attraction states that the things you focus on, the things you put your attention to, are the things that you end up attracting more of into your life. And this is actually much deeper than it seems on the surface. What’s literally happening is that you are focusing on these problems and you are creating an emotional vibration within you. Your thoughts are then soaked in this negativity of this situation, on the challenge, on the difficulty, on the problem. You take on that vibration, basically it rubs off on you.

The Consequences of Negative Thought

When you’re in that state of mind it tends to attract those things to you. It creates a self-fulfilling prophesy. This is not some New Age concept. This is not some woo-woo idea that literally your thought is somehow pulling something negative towards you. Although that is the effect. It’s not through some weird metaphysics that this is happening, it’s not through magic. This is happening because your thoughts generate the action that you take in your life.

So you are not going to go out there and take resourceful action. You might not take any action at all when your thoughts are focusing on all this negativity and focusing on all the problems. What that’s doing is making you anxious. It’s making you insecure, it’s making you fearful. When you act from that position, your actions are feeble. They are many times self-fulfilling and catastrophic. A lot of times you’ll worry about something so much that you actually take the action that will lead to that thing becoming true. It’s a very freaky phenomenon in nature and a very freaky phenomenon of human psychology that this is actually the case. So, what’s the solution?

Shifting Your Focus

The solution is to adopt what the law of attraction wants you to do. The law of attraction states that since you are attracting these negative things with negative thoughts, you can attract positive things with positive thoughts. So instead of worrying about your money situation, you think about the awesome money situation that you’re going to create for yourself. Or instead of worrying about the little problem in your relationship, you focus on the larger relationship and you focus on how great that is. Or, if you want to eliminate that problem, then what you focus on is not eliminating the problem. You focus on creating something. It’s about shifting your focus to the creation.

What do you want to create in your relationship? How about that? Why don’t you ask yourself that question? Really what this is, is a positive side of worry. Worry is about thinking and projecting into the future all the bad stuff that might happen. And it’s about putting ‘what if’ scenarios into your mind.

What if I get fired?
What if I get abandoned?
What if I fail at this business?
What if I make a speech and I embarrass myself or make a fool of myself?
What if I walk into the party with my fly down and people are staring at me?
What if….?

These are like worse case scenarios. Well, here’s one for you, What if you stopped worrying about things in the negative and started worrying about things in the positive? How would that look?

What if I go and in my job I actually get a promotion?
What if I start making more money and providing more value?
What if I start doing better at school because I’m actually studying?
What if I work on my relationship and my relationship becomes really amazing? Better than most relationships out there and I really flip it around?
What if I go into this party and, instead of having my fly down, I am the coolest guy there and everyone wants to be my friend and I make a bunch of cool friends and connections?

It’s the positive side of worry. It’s about projecting positive images. It feels very unnatural for us to do. This is why 99% of us are not obeying the law of attraction, because we’re always worrying about stuff. It feels unnatural to the human brain. What you’ve got to do is recondition yourself and rewire yourself by putting your consciousness and awareness and putting it on these problem areas in your life. And say, “Ok, I’ve worried about this stuff long enough. It’s about time that I try this law of attraction deal and see if it’s going to pan out the way people say.”

Putting It Into Practice

When you do try it, you have to try it with faith and confidence and consistency. What you’re going to find is that it really works. The way it works is, again, not through some metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, but simply because you become confident. You have faith in your actions, you’re not insecure anymore. You’re excited about what you’re doing because you have these positive images of what you’re going to create. You start to impose your reality onto the world rather than the world’s reality mesmerizing you. When that happens, you start to feel really good.

You’re able to go out there and work on your goals, to take action on your goals. You’re not procrastinating anymore. Through that whole process, your thoughts shape your actions and your actions attract whatever it is you want in life. That’s basically the law of attraction. Think about the things you want, not about the things you don’t want.

Now, as simple as that sounds, you’re not going to do it. It’s really hard to recondition yourself. You have to be very persistent with it. But if you do, and you undertake this initiative, say, “You know what? I think there’s something to this law of attraction. I think it’s about time I try something new. Because I’m frustrated with the lack of results I’ve been getting.”

If you really buy into it and you give it a go, give it a go for a month or two. Constantly concentrate on the things you want to create in your life. You’re not focusing at all on the things you’re worrying about or that you would typically worry about. You’re going to find that you’re going to start feeling really good. You’re going to start to be in a good mood. You’re going to start being more cheerful and happy. You’re going to get a sense of confidence. You’ll get the sense that, “I own my life. I have control of my life. I can actually direct my life. Because I am creating some positive vision and I am taking action towards it. And that action seems somehow smoother, somehow more effortless than it was before.”

You start to really feel good about yourself. You start to notice that it’s almost like magic. Things start to click. You start to see that this is why some books or some authors in popular culture will say that law of attraction is this metaphysical thing where literally your thoughts are attracting things into your life. That’s almost what it’s like, because if you take the action component out of it, that’s actually what it becomes.

If the quality of your thoughts improve, then the quality of the things in your life will also improve. What some people do is discount the intermediary there, which is the action. Your actions are created by your thoughts. Your actions don’t just happen spontaneously. There’s two sides, or aspects: there’s the conscious thoughts that you have, and the unconscious thoughts. What law of attraction is really powerful at, is working on your subconscious. Once your subconscious starts to resonate with that feeling of confidence, that pride that you have, that sense that everything’s ok in the world, that calmness, that happiness, that joy.

When you start creating from that, your subconscious doesn’t resist anymore. You don’t have those fears holding you back. You’re out there taking bolder action and you’re fulfilling it, you’re not quitting. You’re not struggling as much, it’s not as much of a grind, it’s more pleasant. When that’s happening, how you could you not attract the things that you want?

This works for everything. This will work for wealth. This will work for relationships. This will work for businesses. This will work for your health. Literally anything that you want in your life you can attract by simply focusing on the fact that you want it, rather than the fact that you don’t have it.

This is a quick little summary of law of attraction. This is a much deeper topic, there’s much more nuance to this. It takes more than one exposure to this idea to really understand it on a profound level and have it work in your life. I do cover that in more videos.

Here I am going to sign off. Go ahead and leave your comments. I’d like to hear what you think about law of attraction. Comment, share, “like” this if you would.

If you are interested in more videos like this and how to really make law of attraction take hold in your life check out We have a free newsletter there with weekly videos like this. And I’ve got a lot of other exclusive resources there that will help you figure this out and get law of attraction really dialed-in in your life.

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Spencer says:

This is very useful for before a meditation – instead of closing your eyes
and bringing up the scene and the accompanying feelings, you stare at the picture you
have drawn for a few minutes. To master the Law in our daily
lives takes a great deal of practice, particularly
because we must learn how to stay in alignment with our thoughts.
You can’t trick the Law of Attraction, because your emotions,
not your conscious mind, are what send out vibrations. It means
that consciously or unconsciously, we create the life we live by drawing to us situations,
events and people. For instance, if you want that better-paying job,
don’t just wish for it; act on it.

Leo Gura says:


Ace says:

When I use to mountain bike everyday, I would hit really tough trails. I subscribed to a magazine that had an article that I think defines the Law of Attraction.

“When you go over a jump and you see a hole on the other side while your in the air, don’t look at the hole, because you will land in it. If you look beyond it, you WILL miss it”.

That’s attraction.

Leo Gura says:

Tony Robbins uses an example like that but with a racecar on a racetrack. It’s nice, but I tend to think of LoA as much longer term thing, doing the bulk of it’s work over weeks, months, and especially years!

Helena says:

This is SO powerful. I’ve been learning about the subconscious mind and all the topics around that for a while now, and just can’t stop being fascinated by it. I feel like whoever doesn’t know about this is really missing out.
Thanks for putting all the content out there in such an approachable way, I appreciate it!
I could learn about this stuff forever!

Leo Gura says:

Thanks Helena. Sounds like you’re turning into a self-help junkie

Kim Beck says:

Very powerful stuff and very true! I started with the secret, then the power of now and many more thereafter. I continue to read, to watch everything I can to empower myself, be more positive and live life to the fullest! So greatful to have found your site. A great addition to my never ending growth potential! Thank you!

Capt Bill says:

Leo, .. I love your spirit and video clips for self actualization. In my 64th orbit around the sun now, I’ve studied “some” of the same teachers you have, and have to say you have to be getting it, to talk about it in the way you do. I love watching the short punchy videos you are making. …My significant other and I both love watching your clips and other support available on the web. I’ve pitched your Emotional Intelligence video and few other I selected to my niece who just turned 18. I am grateful she really liked taking in some of your clips.

… I hope to share this Law of Attraction video as starter/introduction of your website with a buddy of mine who is coming over for a cup of coffee tomorrow morning. We all can benefit from your support. I’ve been talking about you, sometimes to complete strangers who checked in with me on personal level. Thanks for being you and more power to you.

I believe we are all Captains of our own Decisions, and our own Ships (so to speak).

Happy Days, Bill

Leo Gura says:

Cool, good to hear. Thanks for sharing the site.

craig says:

But Leo,

I started to read ‘Law of Attraction’ by Michael J. Losier. I can’t speak too much on behalf of the book as I’ve only read the back cover and a few pages. But in the back cover he makes a bold statement that affirmations do not work. Though I find the law of attraction is a principal closely related to the idea of affirmations. Reinforcing positive thoughts to reprogram the subconscious mind. I was wandering if you have perhaps read this book and what are your thoughts on the material.

Thanks so much for the free teachings,


CreamCat says:

I think this is a powerful technique for visualization sessions and daily thoughts.

Christine says:

So what do i do in regard to the person who is always picking at their skin, squeezing pimples and stuff and I find it distracting and annoying?

Katarina says:

Hi Leo,

Where can we find more information about Law of Attraction on your website?


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