How To Overcome Creative Blocks

By Leo Gura - November 16, 2015 | 13 Comments

Practical tips for how to break out of your block right now!

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Zane Chesivoir says:

Excellent video Leo! Creativity is my highest passion and I spent years focusing on creative writing and storytelling. I’ve been working heavily on a big creative writing portfolio since August 2015 and I’ve made a commitment to write five pages every day. I’ve applied your technique of experimenting with different literary mediums, having an inspirational file, and appreciating other mediums of art particularly theater, film, and music. I think that my life purpose is multifaceted and focuses heavily on being a creator and to appreciate art in all of it’s forms. I love your videos and I realize that my creative pursuits can be an excellent path to achieve self-actualization. Have an excellent day and excellent week!

Kirk says:

Brilliant idea! Recommitting yourself when you feel down is so important


Sandbox is another great concept

Committing to the process is a valid part of the process. Forcing sometimes backfire.

Thank you

Ron says:

I don’t know if this is the right place, but what’s your personal comment/what should be done regarding the recent Paris attacks?

Leo Gura says:

Focus on developing yourself, living your life purpose, and becoming enlightened.

Gene says:

Hadn’t touched my piano keyboard in 3-months.
Midway through your video I went and sat behind it to complete a song.
After a relationship breakup I felt useless, but now I have found back my true love again.
Thanks mate, for the great new inspiration!!!

Vitali says:

Leo, do you actually refuse to coach people who earn less than 60k per year? I was thinking about saving up money to get coaching from you, but this upsets me.

Leo Gura says:

At the moment I am not coaching anyone because all my time is going towards research and developing new resources for you guys.

The reason I don’t coach people with low income is because my rates are not suitable for low-income individuals. It wouldn’t be a good return on investment for you since right now your earning potential is relatively low.

Pedro Silva says:

I didn t receive again your weekly email, I tried everything, I openned a second account and nothing. I miss that email.

Natalya says:

Catalogs are an outdated and inefficient source of inspiration. There’re so many websites with creative professionals’ portfolios, news, and critiques where you can browse sources of inspiration by categories, so it’s relevant to every particular project you’re working on. Simple google search is my favorite key word finder.
Another extremely important way to avoid a creative burnout that’s not mentioned here is mandatory breaks throughout the day.

Leo Gura says:

The web does make things easier, but still not a replacement for your own custom catalog. You want to develop a style that is uniquely your own, which you can’t find on Pintrest.

No online source has a catalog of personal development knowledge as good as I compile for myself, for example.

sandy says:

Leo, you are the man! Changing the world one by one!

new me says:

This was very useful and practical
Visualisation is powerful and being positive is pushing you forward
I like your comment of human are controlling their state of mind either toward positive or negative attitude. Also it is about making choices and not playing the victim any more.
Your exercise of shifting the sate is very important I use it with my patients ( I am a medical doctor)
Also without exploration you would not have released these nice videos as there was no USA
The sand box is also exploration
I do have the catalog it it has saved me all the time
It is very useful video

Maytal Erez says:

Thank you so much Leo. This has been the most helpful video of yours so far for me. I congratulate you on your amazing talent/hard work/success.
Also, I’ve just started making video tutorials, and therefor I notice this – amazing how your videos are all one takes!
Hugs from me in Jerusalem, Maytal

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