How To Become Rich

By Leo Gura - March 5, 2014 | 23 Comments

The deep wisdom — not gimmicks — you need to become rich.

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Hey, this is Leo from, and in this video, I’m going to tell you how to become rich.

Creating Millions

Welcome back. Let’s crack into this topic of how to become rich. There’s so many ideas I can share with you here, but I’m going to stick to something focused. I want to focus on something. I’m going to give you some wisdom here, not a gimmick, not a get-rich-quick gimmick. I’m going to give you some wisdom.

If you really want to get rich — do you really want to get rich? If you do, here’s what you’ve got to do: you have to become a creator. I want you to be a creator in your life. You have to be creating something of value in order to become rich. Unless you plan to rob a bank, you’re not going to become rich any other way.

What does it mean to be a creator? Are you a creator right now? This is an important question. Of course, the question goes even deeper into how much of a creator are you and what the hell are you creating with your time and your energy and your money.

People who are poor are really not creators. What they do is sell themselves out to an employer who then uses their services and you do work for the employer and you get paid X amount of dollars per hour, per month, per year, whatever the term is.

Therefore, sure, you could be creating stuff at your work. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that. But you’re not creating that much. You should be creating more. To become rich, you really need to create a lot, and you need to control the creation. This is critical. You need to control the creation.

Right now, for your boss, you probably are creating stuff. Maybe you’re creating reports. Maybe you’re writing things. Maybe you’re doing graphic design. Maybe you’re creating engineering schematics, or you’re providing some sort of organisation work as a secretary.

You’re creating those reports, and organisation, and maybe you’re managing people, but you’re now owning it. The company owns it. The boss owns it. You’re working for someone. It’s really, really hard to become very wealthy, rich working for somebody else. Why?

Because they control the creation. They control the value. They put a glass ceiling on how much you can be earning, and how much value you could be generating for them. You might, right now, be stuck in a position where you are actually wanting to create more. You want to create more value for the company.

You want to do more for that project. You want to do more for your boss. This is very frustrating, because that boss or that company might not actually want you to be doing more. They might not be listening to your ideas. They might not be hearing your out.

Maybe you have a brilliant idea right now, that would earn millions of dollars for your company, but you’re just in a position where you can’t really exercise any creative control. You have no power of authority to get that idea pass through and realized. That value will never be generated. It will never be realized. You will then never see the payoff from that.

Value Equals Wealth

Just a general formula for how to earn more money — I talk about this in other videos, I think this is an idea I got from Jim Rohn. Somewhere I got this idea, I think other people talk about it too. It’s basically “wealth is value”.

The more value you can generate for the world and other people, the more wealth you will generate for yourself. It comes back to you. This is a very tried and true principle. What you’ve got to do is position yourself to create more value for the world.

What does that mean? For you, it might mean put out more novels, put out more writing. Put out more blog posts. Put out more engineering schematics if you’re an engineer. Put out more computer code if you’re a computer programmer.

You have to be smart about this. That doesn’t mean work harder on your job. In fact, I think that can be a dangerous trap to fall into, to think that “If only I just worked harder on my current job, I would become rich.”

Actually, you probably wouldn’t. You might get promotions, and certain jobs offer so much room for growth that you actually could become very rich just working in your company and working your way up the corporate ladder.

That tends to be pretty rare. I actually find that the best way to become rich is to start owning the creation. To do that, you generally need to become a partner, a shareholder, a stakeholder in some way, or you have to start your own business.

I really recommend the last option, starting your own business. Don’t let that discourage you from generating wealth for yourself, even in your current job. I’m not saying quit your job today or you’re never going to be wealthy.

I’m just saying think down the road. Be smart about this. If you recognize that right now, you’re not able to have the kind of creative output you would want, you’re not able to create massive value, then start to think what you can do to change that.

One of the things might be to start looking for either a new job, where you can really express yourself, share your gifts more, or create your own job, create your own business. Start fleshing out those ideas.

Create Something

This idea of being a creator — you have to be creating something. Create something. What does this really mean? For most of you, there are two things here. One is put yourself in a position where you actually can be fully expressive.

The next point is that, for many of you, you are probably not creating anything in your life right now, at all. Many of you be going to a nine-to-five job where you’re doing some piddly type work for an organisation whose value you don’t really believe in, whose mission you don’t believe in, whose products you don’t believe in, you don’t really care about.

You’re not really putting any passion into it and if you’re in that position, I do not consider you a creator. Even if you’re creating stuff for the company you’re not really a creator. A creator is someone who has vision. Someone who puts their blood and sweat into their work. They take their work very personally and they care not about the paycheck, and not company loyalty or making sure they don’t upset their boss or something silly like that.

What they care about is creating something beautiful and excellent for humanity, for the world. They want to put stuff out. That’s all a creator cares about. A creator, this is not some magical unicorn type of person, this is not some mystical fairy tale creature. A creator is just someone who has put a lot of value on this.

Some people come about this very naturally, through the way they’re raised. Other people, maybe like you right now, don’t see themselves as a creator. You can refashion yourself into a creator, and when you do… wow. You’re going to have some amazing things happen.

First thing that’s going to happen is you’re actually going to enjoy what you’re doing at work. The next thing that’s going to happen is that you’re actually going to get excited waking up in the morning. You’re going to have so much more drive and passion. People are going to see that on you.

The next thing is going to actually position you to be extremely rich. You can’t get rich by doing ordinary work, not really. If you’re extremely lucky maybe you can, but you can’t really get rich in this world by doing mediocre work. You have to do extraordinary work. You have to be exceptional.

Create Purple Cows

As Seth Godin puts it, you have to be creating purple cows. You have to be creating things, projects or services that are remarkable. It has to be remarkable. What are you doing, what are you creating that is remarkable? If you’re not creating anything remarkable, then you’re never going to be rich. That is the bottom line.

A couple of other points — I’ve kind of beat this creator one to death. The next point I’m going to say is that a lot of you right now are probably saying “Yes, I want to be a creator Leo. This is actually something I’ve been really passionate about. I’ve wanted to be a creator my whole life. I’ve been thinking about it but I’m just stuck. I’m stuck. Things are not letting me be a creator. My parents are holding me back. My friends are holding me back. My boss is holding me back. My company is holding me back.

People don’t see my potential. People don’t see what I can do for them. My money situation is holding me back. I don’t have enough capital. I don’t have enough capital to start a business. I don’t have enough money to take some time off to define my life purpose or to look for a new job. I don’t have that luxury.”

Take Responsibility

Here’s the deal. This is the biggest thing actually, even bigger than being a creator, that is holding you back from being rich. You’re not rich because you’re blaming other people. You’re not taking responsibility for your life and the circumstances that you’re in. You’re not doing it.

What’s even worse is that you’re going to deny you’re a victim, you’re making yourself a victim, you’re going to deny this. You’re going to blame me for telling you and accusing you of being a victim. You’re going to say to yourself “No, these are real problems I have in my life. This is tangible. I don’t have money. My mom is really holding me back. My dad is really holding me back. My spouse is really holding me back. My boss is a total jerk, total asshole, has no vision, doesn’t see my potential.”

You’re going to say all of that is true for you and that I’m wrong. I’m not wrong. I’m right and you’re wrong. Right now, you’re putting yourself in such a victim position that you’re not even realising what you’re doing.

Here’s what’s going to happen: you can either be a victim and stay a victim in your life and keep getting the kind of results that you’ve been getting, or you can open your mind up and accept these new ideas and let your ego get bruised by the fact that you are sabotaging your own life. Start making the hard changes you have to make to start to get a transformation.

In this case, becoming rich. Your boss is not really holding you back. What’s holding you back is your thought that your boss is holding you back. Your parents aren’t really holding you back. What’s holding you back is your thought that your parents are holding you back. It’s the assumptions you have.

It’s the assumptions you have about what you need to move forward. I don’t have enough money. How can I move forward? My parents are so negative and controlling and dominating, and the way they raised me. How can I possibly move forward?

My health is bad, I don’t feel good. Maybe I have some illness. How can I possible move forward from that? These are real, physical, tangible things. My boss, he really won’t let me get promoted. He doesn’t want to hear my ideas. How can I get past that?

I hear what you’re saying and I know exactly how it feels. I feel this way at times, and I’ve definitely been there. But this is the biggest thing that’s holding you back from creating wealth, from being rich and getting success in any area of your life.

Don’t Let The Outside Control You

It’s holding you back so much, because what you’re doing is giving your power away to all these external circumstances. You’re being mesmerised by your external circumstances. Check out another video I have where I talk about internal versus external circumstances, and inner and outer world, where I really hammer at this distinction and how important it is.

What’s happening right now is that you’re limiting your options because you think you’re stuck, and you’ve got these assumptions. Really, what you’re doing is thinking inside a very small, confined little box. That little box is keeping you where you’re at. It’s keeping you kind of comfortable, but also very frustrated.

What you’ve got to do is expand that idea. You’ve got to expand it, and the way to do that is to say “OK, from now on, no more bitching. No more complaining. No more negative thinking. No more finger pointing. I am responsible, one hundred percent, for my whole life, for everything.”

I mean everything that happens to you. I don’t just mean when you cut somebody off on your way to work because you’re so rushed, and then that person flicks you off. You’re not just responsible for that. You’re obviously responsible for that.

I mean you’re responsible for everything. You are responsible for your boss being an asshole, and not listening to you. You are responsible for your parents having a negative impact on your life and holding you back. You are responsible for where you’re living. You’re responsible for how much you’re earning, your responsible for your health. You’re responsible for everything.

You don’t want to hear this, I know you don’t. It’s very threatening to your ego. You know what’s also awesome, though? What’s awesome is that when you accept this, what this means is that you have complete power to change everything in your life. And that my friends, is true. That is very true.

That is what you’ve been denying yourself. When you create this victim mentality, when you cast yourself as the victim, what that means is that you can stay a victim. There is a psychological payoff that you get from being a victim, which is “Woe unto me, I’m a victim, I can’t do anything. I don’t have to go out there and work my ass off to change.”

When you accept responsibility for everything, all of a sudden the whole world opens up to you. Everything is possible. Now you see opportunities, and you see things you can do. You see the really scary thing, this is why you don’t want to take responsibility for your life. You see the scary thing, which is so fucking scary. The reason you’re not more successful is because of you.

It’s because you’re afraid of your own potential. That is the real truth of why you won’t take responsibility for your life. You are afraid of what you will take of you, to work, to live into your full potential.

We got a little deep there, but this is basically what you need to do to get rich. This is some wisdom. Some of these concepts are a little bit abstract. You might’ve been looking for a way to earn some quick cash. That’s not what I’m giving you here. That’s not really going to be helpful to you.

This is much more helpful, but you need to have the long term vision to see how this connects, and how this can really transform your life if you start applying this stuff. Really think about this. Start by taking full responsibility right now. Don’t pass the buck onto anyone else. The buck stops with you.

Wrap Up

This is Leo, I’m going to be signing off. Leave me your comments, I love to hear feedback from you guys, I use it to improve my videos and create new ones off your suggestions. Then, like this and share this so that it spreads around and other people get the message.

Of course, check out where we have an awesome newsletter, weekly updates for free, no spam and you also get a few exclusive bonuses by signing up. You get a nineteen part video series, which you can’t get anywhere else, about busting your limiting beliefs. You also get a chance to win two hours of free coaching from me, which I give away every month.

The real reason you want to sign up is because you want to start getting on track with what I’m teaching you guys here. You want to start mastering your psychology, so that you can create an extraordinary life for yourself. That is what we teach you at

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Ciara says:

Thank you for sharing your insight. I always believed that everyone is where they are in life because they put themselves there. We do not always have control of what we are given in life… But we always have control of how to deal with what comes our way and to change the future.

Ace says:

The biggest reason people are not rich is because they’ve been “scripted” that they are not “Worthy” of being rich. They believe money is Bad. They THINK the Bible says “Money is the root of all evil”. The true line starts: “The LOVE of money is the root of many evils”. Kids see cartoons of Ebenezer Scrooge at Christmas time. If people could learn that it’s as easy to be rich as it is poor, they would see money differently. Or perhaps that’s backwards.

Leo Gura says:

Yes, limiting beliefs about money are rampant. But there are many factors. Even if you believe money is “good” it can still be difficult.

Harlan says:

Leo, what is your ultimate goal. How do you measure your success? I assume you don’t equate money with wealth. What makes you rich?

Valerie says:

Thank you! Once I started taking responsibility for my life a few years ago, the entire game changed. Embarking on the next phase…you are helping me so much!

Abraham says:

Hi Leo, thank you again for one more video, im an aircraft design engineer, Im so happy of being a creator

Melody says:

Love this Vid! Can you post a link to where you spoke about internal versus external circumstances, and inner and outer world. Thanks

Leo Gura says:

I can’t exactly remember. I want to shoot a more dedicated video about that concept because it’s so important. But I have talked about it in other videos.

Leo! Once again, I feel amazing after watching your videos! I feel I have every trait of a creator! I quit my job 1 year ago and while my business is having success, something in my own mind is blocking the flow of money. I know it is hard to focus on so many different self-growth aspects at once, but you have very much inspired me to take control of the only thing left to tackle, MONEY! I know I can do it! Thank you for motivating me to become an internet celebrity & lifestyle blogger! Back to the grind, just being me! Love, Margie Pargie

Leo Gura says:

I have struggled with limiting beliefs around money a lot. You should check out my book list. There is a really powerful book there about money that can help you.

http /

You could also benefit from life coaching. Money beliefs tend to be deep-rooted in your subconscious and need to be weeded out with a vengeance.

Rodrigo Spain says:

Hi Leo!
What do you think about the science of getting rich? Wallace Wattles. Have you readen it?

Leo Gura says:

It’s good

Alexander says:

This is fundemental for growth. I believe those subconcious roots can be difficult to weed out on your own. There’s stuff beneath the surface that needs to come into light! Your video works well to bring it to conciousness and might even start a process for those who really listen. Thanks.

Jerry Love says:

I may not be a creator, but I’ll be damned if I’m not a magical unicorn!

Randy says:

Great hearing all you really good info. please keep up the excellent work in helping others,thanks.

Jan Odvarko says:

Hey Leo, thumbs up for Mr. Burns thumbnail picture! (-;

Ray Holley says:

I am responsible for my own happiness, health, wealth and whatever else I may invite into my personal sphere. On the other hand, there are instances in life where people are victimized by others who wish to impose their will on another for personal gain. I must respectfully disagree with your assessment that we create every circumstance that arises in life — good, bad or indifferent. For example, years ago, someone broke into my house, rifled through a lot of my belongings and left what little I had thrown haphazardly all over my house. Fortunately, I had just moved in and didn’t have many valuables. If I recall, the only thing they stole was a hand-held micro-cassette recorder, which led me to believe the perpetrators were kids. I am not responsible for their act of criminal trespass. I can only be responsible for how I react or respond to it. My knee-jerk, id-inspired reaction would be to find these assholes, string them up by their gonads and filet them with a butter knife. Once the anger subsided and reason kicked in, I responded by calling the cops and filing a report. Of course, they didn’t do jack. Afterwards, I did the only other thing I could do, and that was to repair and better secure the door where they broke in to ensure to the best of my ability that this didn’t happen again. And it didn’t, so it all ended well. I agree that it is the creators in this world who generate the most wealth. Thank you for the provocative video. You have certainly inspired me to think outside the box and reconsider what I’m doing with my life at present. By the way, how do you feel about hypnosis as a tool to reprogram the subconscious? Would you consider doing a video on it?

Tripp says:

I do agree that creation + controlling the creation = happiness while getting rich, but the actual getting rich part is only dependent on controlling the creation. This is proved when you say that people are doing good work, and creating things, but the “boss” is controlling the creation and therefore becoming rich. Creation is the most fulfilling path for becoming rich, but it isn’t the answer when analyzing the simple idea of getting rich. At the end of the day, the people who count the money make the money.

Harlan says:

I want to see Leo respond to this. What if everyone was able to follow your advice. What if everyone was able to bring out their inner creator? Would they all be well off financially? even if not, because of limited resources, i assume that they would all still be rich, since being the creator is what ultimately brings the self satisfaction. Also, would there be much more charity in this world? because as you said, being a creator means creating for all of humanity. A creator would be serving a larger self.

Kathy says:

Leo, thanks but I cannot find the video you mentioned here: Internal versus external or inner and out worlds. Please indicate where this video is please and thank you!

Cliff Guthrie says:

Enjoyed this but, but,but

N says:

Your video helped me understand more that I, and only I am responsible for everything in my life. Thank you very much. Your videos are very useful.

Max Gron says:

All this sounds nice, but I have a secret to being rich already, just by being a scrooge. People get tied into these techniques, but it’s monetary value you should be worth, not these pretty, gaudy things that in the long run, only get you a product, they don’t get you money, just save up, it’s as simple as that. The plan is to find some way of keeping the money so it doesn’t get lost. In fact what I should be doing, I should live in a seedy house saving money, with cheap items, and with a fireplace (it’s free), and taking off my long-sleeved clothes (also free), to save money on heating and air conditioning, as a matter of fact I should have a barrel in my flat one day to make a fire to keep warm by the fire, or maybe burn a tire, as a matter of fact it saves incredible amounts of money not to change my diet, and it does so also to wear my hats, my clothes, my watch, my shoes, my accessories that I’ve got now, 1% spending. As a matter of fact I could have the money as I then should to sip a pina colada in the Bahamas, lying in a hammock while I get a phone call by the valet offering me the phone, pointing fingers at the man who can’t get my plans right, or humbly I should with my scrooge money be in a fancy apartment interstate away from South Australia with a butler serving me my luxury cigar and coconut in the front yard while I make a small demand that the butler mows my lawn while I drink from a coconut wearing sunglasses on my low-lying folding chair in the sun rays then also smoking my luxury cigar and declaring that cigars are my favourite food, when really it’s an alternative to food, and I should get pretty but not too thin and should in that case smoke cigars instead of eating food, and that’s how I’m going to stay alive. What good is food when you can smoke yourself thin? As unlikely as the delusion will have you believe it is, it’s not unlikely, I am of that very nature, and right now can do these things, not with the luxury or house right now but from smoking cigarettes at this time of the night, whenever I’m hungry I’m just going to reach for smokes instead of food. I’m saying this because it takes money to smoke cigars and lose weight, $49 for tobacco alone. Yes it’s very costly, overpriced. Plus I should be drinking a cordial on holiday at home while working on my Word app on my phone and receiving an important phone call from my mother, while enjoying my success, happy at the results, and as for my money, that’s the success of me with approximately $40,000 while I’m back to the old drawing board by pinning notes on a board made of cork, and opening up a magazine while I live this successful life, and while I’m at it I should opt for caviar on a cheap cracker (Carman’s) while they call it “fine foods”, fine foods my arse, a grain cracker isn’t a fine food, it’s a cheap cracker, while also I’m eating beans and pudding and again receiving an important phone call, from my mother about what luck I’m experiencing, while I’m soaking in the hot tub, this is a realistic goal, it’s again my very nature, I’m very likely to act this way.

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