Enlightenment Experience Happening In Real Time

By Leo Gura - January 29, 2018 | 17 Comments

Rare footage of a nondual awakening happening to me live on camera.

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Austin says:


Sri nobody says:

“How public, like a frog.”

Daniel says:

Leo, you say over many videos to be spiritually enlighten you need to be off all addiction. I’m sure you’ve answered my question somewhere, but would DMT destroy your chance of enlightenment? I’m not saying you’re addicted to DMT but could it compromise?

Leo Gura says:

No, I’ve never said that you need to be off all addictions to be enlightened. Be careful with leaping to such conclusions. I’ve merely said that eliminating your addictions is useful and beneficial.

You can be enlightened and simultaneously addicted to heroin.

I haven’t used 5-MeO-DMT in over a year.

Robert says:

Enlightenment during DMT or other pshychedelics?

Alan Travers says:

Leo, interesting video but the problem is you announced it as you becoming enlightened rather than saying i’m having an enlightenment experience on psychedelics. I respect your vids but as a teacher you will lose respect for this.

Now you have to explain it in the next vid in which you hit out on people who don’t ‘understand’ enlightenment. Your ego is right back at play, making this video completely inauthentic. Plus your ego is on show in this video.

I have followed you for a long time and will continue to but these videos reveal an obsession within you that I can only see blocking you from true enlightenment. I hope not.

Yann says:

Extremely valuable testimony.
However, we were not born enlightened probably for a reason. So enlightenment must be considered as an exit door.

Yann says:

Leo, who’s making the egotistic decisions ?
Not us, because you said we don’t have control whatsoever.
So it must be the oneness then.
So these egotistic decisions must have a raison d’etre after all.
Why dismissing them then ?
Aren’t they part of the game ?

Leo Gura says:

Exactly. Even your ego isn’t yours.

Yann says:

thanks. important answer.
So it’s infinity slumming in finitude

Leo Gura says:

God plays every role, including the devil’s.

Leo you didnt forget to pay your taxes did u? Har har

Off with your head.

Roger says:

Nothing to add (duh), so: virtual hug

Abree says:

Thank you for sharing this experience

sylvia says:

i r u, and u r me, and we r infinity
pretending not to be
i know u – the love/ truth streaming through you in this video is so palpable.
thank u for filming this.

Lisa says:

I like that you took the risk to bare it all in this video. What does it really matter what You tube thinks or anyone anyways! It’s really your journey into your own enlightenment. Bravo.

Listening to this confirms to me my thoughts and the beliefs that ring true to me. Thanks for confirming that we are not in control of the universe like we think we are.

I agree with the commentary of how people have to be fake. This is so true and honest. Everyone is fake. No one is allowed to live in this society and get along by being truly authentic, you just wouldn’t be able to survive the backlash…no one would.

Leo, how can we live an authentic life then? Seems like we have to continue to act out the play?? Unless I go an buy a cabin in the woods (which I very much like the idea and would be happy to do so)…..how can we truly be authentic in our daily lives?

Philip Thomas Howell says:

first trip? watch out for mirrors. reflecting about yourself, while defining self in your reflection, you’ll never escape the mirrored mind inside your mind. YAY DRUGS!

Picture your ‘self’ as a glass of water. The universe an infinite pool of water. Poor yourself into the infinite. You are still your own glass of water, part of and separate, with and without, the infinite.
-remember it is a public pool, kids and all

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