27 Qualities Of All Successful People

By Leo Gura - February 15, 2016 | 29 Comments

What all successful people have in common.

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David says:

Leo. I’d like to be your first comment. Simple. Can you do a video on body language. Appreciate it. Thanks.

Angel Gurgutov says:

Good video as always. Thank you Leo.
Could you tell me how do you decide who wins the one hour teaching with you?

De says:


I started watching this video and noticed a feeling of sadness and irritation beginning to take hold, and as I watched it it began to subside. The reason for this emotional stress was that I don’t really want to posess many of these qualities. I also thought that this video seems so contradictory to your other videos of enlightenment. Then I began looking at it from the perspective of the ideas you’ve expressed in your other videos about this kind of thinking being the garbage thoughts that fill our minds and that there are people who need to build up the ego in order to realize the illusion. Any thoughts?


Ryan Fisler says:

Enlightenment and success do not mix.

You can choose enlightenment and learn to be content with being nothing and having nothing.

Or you can choose mastery and actualization and be everything you want and have everything you want.

For best results with LEO, ignore all of his enlightenment propaganda.

If you are actually interested to pursue enlightenment then you have no business clicking on a video with this as the title.

Just because you cannot embrace this paradox doesn’t mean its not true!

Ryan Fisler says:

Just because you choose to label it a paradox as opposed to being the fact it is, doesn’t make the statement any less true.

The statement being that enlightenment and material/financial/ and i would say even personal success is incompatible.

Enlightenment is a trap. A really horrible trap. I watch its pursuit ruin the progress in peoples lives at a comparable way to a heroin addiction.

Takes away all of your ambition and self identification and makes you constantly chase something that you never find…. at the expense of your finances, relationships and well being.

By all means, don’t accept what I am saying. It doesn’t concern me. Do you. You only have one life, live it how you choose. I personally will not waste mine on that thinly veiled self inflicted and addictive depersonalization disorder altered and artificial and destructive mind state.

Kristina says:

All true Leo, thank you…in my opinion, in todays world ambition and success can mean a big trap for the people who do not feel naturally how to create happy and successful life for them according to their own character and belief systems. The key word for success in life is ‘LOVE what you do and who you are’ cause success doesn’t mean ‘conquer the world’, or creating amazing product that all people would want to buy and have big fat bank account. Most of the people that have all this 27 qualities that I know are deeply unhappy or drug addicts, obsessed and hungry for power, completely lost in business world and unsuccessfully trying to find peace in their heart and mind. I wish there could be more people who teach the world how to find their TRUE SELF because that is the place where are true values and qualities reside, and being open to that true core of your being, all these qualities flow naturally…the most beautiful success is feeling of SATISFACTION who you are as a HUMAN in your life, here on Earth.

Lanov says:

Hi Leo,

Could you list all 27 qualities in the comments or leave some show notes after a video?
It makes it much easier to learn the lessons out of your video if I can listen and see what the qualities are at the same time.

Eelco says:

These are my notes: Characteristics of successful people. (Warning: These are not necessarily positive traits, some characteristics can lead to, stress, depression or being a workaholic)

1. Successful people are passionate about what you do. Be inspired by things of life like technology, nature, art, writing, speaking, etc.
2. Successful people work hard. Extremely. (This sometimes lead to becoming) a workaholic.
3. Successful people have a strong work ethic
4. Successful people are persistent, have a high tolerance of failure. Do not take it personal.
5. Successful people are iconiclastic. Successful people do not follow the rules: think outside the box. Be flexible with the rules. (This does not mean that you do illegal stuff)
6. Successful people are clever
7. Successful people are good at manipulating people.
8. Successful people are creative. The ability to create stuff. They impact thousands of people with their product.
9. Successful people are willing to train their technical skills. Deliberate practice over and over again specific skills.
10. Successful people value excellence. They do not do a mediocre job.
11. Successful people have a vision: they see a bright future for themselves and others.
12. Successful people are leaders. They are carving the road through life an do not follow others.
13. Successful people are intuitive: they are guided by their heart and gut feelings, not just logical thinking.
14. Successful people make firm decisions. They know what they want, do not doubt too much.
15. Successful people do what they do not just because of the money. They love the work they do.
16. Successful people are focused. They build up expertise in a specific field.
17. Successful people are ambitious. They want to reach the top, to be the best, to accomplish something.
18. Rapid speed of implementation. They have an idea and go right at implementing. They do not philosophy endlessly about it. They are drawn to action.
19. Successful people are have a strong opinion
20. Successful people are have a spine. They stand up for their rights and meaning. They stand up and fight for what they believe. They are not overpowered by institutions or the masses.
21. Successful people are optimistic. They believe in themselves and the society.
22. Successful people are courageous. They act although they feel fear
23. They value knowledge be it from book or street knowledge.
24. Successful people are willing to make sacrifices. (For example: They do not socialize so much, spend as much time with family, parties, etc.)
25. Successful people are intrinsically motivated. Fueled from the inside. Nobody has to kick you in the ass. (Sometimes this leads to neurosis and heart attack)
26. Successful people have a long term vision. Ten years down the road. They know that you first have to build up expertise in 5 to 10 years.
27. Successful people are pragmatic. They are not too idealistic. They create real results in the real world. No philosophy and wishful thinking. They sometimes compromise their own integrity in order to get things done.
28. Successful people work for themselves (not necessarily self-employed, but they are advancing their own agenda and not only loyal to the company. They are not just cogs in the machine.

Richard says:

Successful people will recognize these things immediately and I have most of them.it just a gift from God and you work to implement them. Thanks

Adam says:


Thank you .

Adam says:

So pity that can not sign in the forum,I think somebody block it.

Pierre says:

Well, I feel just like De…something weird here, like taking 20 steps backward. Or is it some arch-clever way to trick people towards higher levels? Mmm…

Eelco says:

Fathermockers! This is a description of my employer! He has got some negative traits as well though: not good with people, no empathy, workaholic.

Peter says:

Hi Leo,

Of the 27 characteristics, for me the 3 most important ones are: hard working, persistence and focus. Can these 3 ones alone guarantee success?

Thanks Leo.

Maria says:

Thank you, Leo, for this great video. At one way I like to built up my personal success.Therefore I have to make my’ego’stronger and on the other hand I love to do enlightment work. How can I deal with it?
Thank you.


Ezgi says:

Thank you Leo, this helped me to understand myself a bit more. How successful am I, is an interpretation issue, but I believe I am or have no regrets in my life. I realize that I was criticized by different people about similar features of me, which you included in your list as well, like having identical style, decisiveness etc. Now I notice that these are the important things which made my extraordinary life, personal satisfaction and so amazing how the community works hard to file these outstanding features.
Much light and thanks…

Tony says:

Like others have said, something doesn’t feel quite right with this video. I had a sense of dissonance whilst watching it.

On the one hand, many of the concepts here seem to contradict the previous themes that actualized.org has been promoting. On the other hand, the concepts are objectively correct – successful people do have these traits, even though many traits are not necessarily desirable.

I guess it comes down to how you define ‘successful’. This video seems to imply it as ‘business success’ whereas I define it as more of a state of mind and ‘being’ rather than a state to ‘doing’.

Bun Jovy says:

20. Successful people are have a spine. They stand up for their rights and meaning.

I thought there is no such things as meaning?

Lautaro says:

Hi Leo

Who are the people whose life you have examined in order to identify these qualities? Who of those people have impacted more on you?

Silviu says:

Nice! Fell into only 2 traps. I do take some failures personal, and im not the best leader because of my currect social capabilities.
Thanks to months of development and your life purpose course I achieved most of the points on the list!

Wow – I loved this video. I DO have most of these qualities – but some in unhealthy levels. This really helped me understand why I’m so freaking stressed out while I’m doing something that I love so passionately….and it also gave me some ideas about just giving myself a break and embracing the positive aspects of my personality traits. Thanks Leo!

Lili says:

Hi Leo,
Do you think leaders are born as a leader or they are made? Thanks

glavo says:

what is success?

Jeanette says:

I want to learn more thank you Leo.



Brian says:

Great video! Truly useful and very true!

Galyna says:

Thank you, Leo.
I just revised this material again, it is helping my spouse a lot for the job interview. Great material and also one the best video of yours.

Max Gron says:

Success isn’t defined as a tradition of megalomaniacs, success is achievement as you want it, lest it causes trouble to an angry man out from difficulty I’ll create success from nowhere, I’m succeeding for myself.

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